Maximum Duran Duran
Maxium duran duran 1Maximumddcdukback
biographical album
Country UK Union-jack2
Catalogue no. ABCD175
Label Chrome Dreams
Format CD
Length 60 minutes
Released 28 December 2004
Genre Non-Music, Interview
Producer Chrome Dreams
Duran Duran

Maximum Duran Duran: The Unauthorised Biography of Duran Duran is a Duran Duran interview album, released in the UK by Chrome Dreams on 28 December 2004.

About the album Edit

The album is a spoken word 60 minute audio-biography CD that tells the story of Duran Duran up to 2004. The biography includes freshly researched information throughout and also features exclusive interviews with the band members.

The CD was released in a full colour slipcase, with an 8-page booklet containing rarely seen photographs and an additional one-sided 10 inch x 10 inch full colour fold-out poster.

Track listing Edit

ABCD175 Edit

  1. "The Sound of the Future" - 3:31
  2. "Once Upon a Time in the Midlands" -7:23
  3. "When the Bomb Drops" - 5:06
  4. "Boys on Film" - 4:45
  5. "Hunting Tigers" - 6:06
  6. "We Got the Power" - 6:49
  7. "Coming Undone" - 8:50
  8. "We Could Be Heroes" - 8:10
  9. "The Romantic Revival" - 5:33
  10. "Funky Punks" - 5:13


Duran Duran are:

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