MCM Weekend Special
Mcm weekend special duran duran
compilation DVD
Released unknown
Recorded 1994
Genre Pop
Length 7 chapters
Label unofficial
Producer Duran Duran
Duran Duran

MCM Weekend Special is an unofficial Duran Duran 7-chapter compilation DVD.

About the albumEdit

The DVD is a recording of a Duran Duran weekend TV special, broadcast on the French music video channel owned by Group MCM. Included are videos of "Rio", and the band's second UK no.1 single "The Reflex".

The front cover photography is by Richard Haughton from a 2003 publicity picture, edited into five strips and used in The Reunion Tour programme.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Do You Believe In Shame?" (Chapter 1)
  2. "Notorious" (Chapter 2)
  3. "New Moon on Monday" (Chapter 3)
  4. "Rio" (Chapter 4)
  5. "The Reflex" (Chapter 5)
  6. "Ordinary World" (Chapter 6)
  7. "Burning the Ground" (Chapter 7)

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