Living In Fear
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song by The Power Station
Released 30 September 1996
Recorded 1996
Genre Rock
Length 4:37 minutes
Label Chrysalis, Capitol, Guardian Records
Writer(s) Palmer, Taylor, Taylor, Thompson
Producer Bernard Edwards
The Power Station

"Living In Fear" is a song by The Power Station, released as the title track to the album Living In Fear by Chrysalis-Capitol-Guardian Records on 30 September 1996.

About the songEdit

The song was written in the pre-recording stage of Living In Fear, with the same lineup as for their previous album in 1985 (Robert Palmer, Andy Taylor, John Taylor and Tony Thompson). However, John Taylor was going through a divorce at the time, as well as entering drug rehab, and pulled out before the song was recorded. Instead Bernard Edwards, the producer, played bass guitar and took over as the group's official fourth member.

"Living In Fear" is an up-tempo rock song in a similar style to Def Leppard, which features powerful guitar chords performed by Andy Taylor.

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The Power Station are:


Living in fear, heartquakes

Don't lift a finger for fear you'll offend
You can't tell your conscience from an instinct -
Or a trend
Last year's neuroses are now all the rage
Your aberrations could be earning you a wage
Take 'em to the stage
Constant anxiety - panic is near - living in fear

Rampant paranoia - everyone's a victim
God's become a lawyer - everything's addicting -
Living in fear, heartquakes

Get yourself sued for an incorrect thought, oh no
Hide your opinions or end up in court
I'll give you a figure - go ahead and sue
Got a hair trigger - got a short fuse -
Gimme and excuse

Constant anxiety - panic is near - living in fear
Legislated passion - prenuptial agreements
Ugliness as fashion - prophylactic demons
Your foundations shaking - prices keep inflating
Values all corrupted - coitus interruptus

Living in fear, heartquakes

Living in fear, constant anxiety - panic is near
Hide from your conscience, you're living in fear

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