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Live At Wembley Arena (DVD)

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Live At Wembley Arena
Duran duran live at wembley dvd brazil
live DVD
Released 2010
Recorded 21 December 1998
Genre Pop
Length 17 tracks (82 minutes)
Label VZ Multimídia Ltda
Producer Duran Duran
reverse cover
Duran duran live at wembley dvd brazil 1
Duran Duran

Live At Wembley Arena is an unofficial Duran Duran limited edition 17-track live DVD (NTSC), released in Brazil by VZ Multimídia Ltda during 2010.

About the DVDEdit

The DVD is an incomplete recording of Duran Duran's performance at Wembley Arena in London (UK) on 21 December 1998, during The Greatest and Latest Tour. This was the only London concert on the tour, held at a 12,000 capacity venue located near Wembley Stadium which hosted Live Aid.

The bootleg includes a front cover photo of Duran Duran taken at the Toronto show on 5 April 2005, which has featured on Wikipedia for several years. The back cover is printed "A View To A Kill" as track 1 which is incorrect, the correct order is listed below. "Rio" also appears on the track listing as the final song, but is missing from the DVD.

The show was filmed for Japanese TV and included ticker tape falling from the ceiling of the arena during the end of "Rio". The band were joined on-stage by Andy Hamilton during "Rio" and Tessa Niles for "Come Undone", which was their only appearance during the tour. The album begins with live performances of Duran Duran's debut single "Planet Earth", followed by the band's first UK no.1 single "Is There Something I Should Know?".

Ticket prices for the event cost around £20.00.

Track listingEdit


  1. "Planet Earth"
  2. "A View To A Kill"
  3. "Come Undone"
  4. "Careless Memories"
  5. "Big Bang Generation"
  6. "Save A Prayer"
  7. "Friends of Mine"
  8. "All She Wants Is"
  9. "Notorious"
  10. "Ordinary World"
  11. "Out of My Mind"
  12. "The Wild Boys"
  13. "Electric Barbarella"
  14. "Hungry Like The Wolf"
  15. "Girls on Film"
  16. "Secret Oktober"
  17. "The Reflex"


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