Lipstick, Powder & Paint
Duran duran Lipstick, Powder & Paint The New Romantics
compilation album
Country UK Union-jack2
Catalogue no. CDLIC77
Label EMI Premium
Format CD
Length 12 tracks
Released 1997
Genre Pop, Electronic
Producer various
featuring Arcadia

Lipstick, Powder & Paint: The New Romantics is a compilation album featuring Arcadia, release in the UK by EMI Premium during 1997.

About the albumEdit

The album is a selection of songs by various pop and New Romantic acts, which was part of The Sunday Times newspaper Music Collection Series.

The compilation features Arcadia's debut single "Election Day", a song Duran Duran have performed live during shows such as the Radio City Music Hall (1989) and at Edinburgh Castle (2009).

Other Duran Duran connections include the band appearing as an opening act on Blondie's Tracks Across America Tour in 1982, plus Nick Rhodes' co-produced Kajagoogoo's "Too Shy" (a song which prevented "Hungry Like The Wolf" from becoming Duran Duran's first UK no.1 single).

Track listingEdit


  1. "The Tide Is High" - Blondie (4:33)
  2. "Road To Nowhere" - Talking Heads (4:01)
  3. "To Cut A Long Story Short" - Spandau Ballet (3:20)
  4. "Is It A Dream" - Classix Nouveaux (3:37)
  5. "After A Fashion" - Midge Ure & Mick Karn (3:57)
  6. "Thinking of You" - The Colour Field (3:27)
  7. "Life's What You Make It" - Talk Talk (4:25)
  8. "Windpower" - Thomas Dolby (4:19)
  9. "Vienna" - Ultravox (4:37)
  10. "Love Missile F1-11" - Sigue Sigue Sputnik (3:42)
  11. "Election Day" - Arcadia (4:28)
  12. "Too Shy" - Kajagoogoo (3:42)

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