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Life Goes On
Life goes on 12
single by Andy Taylor
Released 1987
Recorded 1987
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 4:53 / 3:49
Label MCA
Producer(s) Andy Taylor
Steve Jones
12" reverse cover
Life goes on back
Andy Taylor

"Life Goes On" is a single by Andy Taylor, released by MCA in 1987.

About the song Edit

Written and produced by Andy Taylor and Sex Pistol's guitarist Steve Jones, the song was the first single released from Taylor's debut solo album Thunder.

The single was on general release during 1987 in Australia, France and the UK, with a promotional-only issue in Germany, Japan and the USA.

Track listings Edit

7" Single Edit

  1. "Life Goes On"
  2. "Broken Window"

12" Single Edit

  1. "Life Goes On" - Extended Version (4.53)
  2. "I Might Lie" (5.20)

12" Promo Single Edit

  1. "Life Goes On" - Long Version (4.53)
  2. "Life Goes On" - Short Version (3.49)

Other appearancesEdit


Listings Edit

7" Single Edit

  • Australia - MCA/WEA 7-13975 (1987)
  • France - MCA/WEA 258 384-7 (1987)
  • Germany - MCA/WEA 258 384-7 (promo 1987)
  • Japan - MCA P-2317 (promo 1987)
  • UK - MCA MCA-1100 (1987)
  • USA - MCA MCA-52999 (promo 1987)

12" Single Edit

  • Germany - MCA/WEA 258 383-0 (promo 1987)
  • UK - MCA MCAR-1100 (1987)
  • USA - MCA L33-17315 (promo 1987)

Personnel Edit

Also credited:

Lyrics Edit

Somebody better look out for me

Although I stand alone

I'm more dangerous than I seem

But in this smoking gun world

Our lights don't last

They're over fast

Life goes on

Goes on and on

On and on

Life goes on

Goes on and on

On and on

Although I really don't know

Your time is fading fast

I wake up in a wasted world

How long is it gonna last

Under pressure and pain

What may be right may be wrong

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