Liberty - US (promo 4)
promo by Duran Duran
Country USA Dbi flag usa
Catalogue no. None
Label Capitol Records
Format Cassette, promo
Length 15 tracks
Released 1990
Genre Pop
Producer(s) Chris Kimsey
Duran Duran
Duran Duran

Liberty - US (advance promo cassette 4) is a promotional-only Duran Duran cassette, released in the USA by Capitol Records during 1990.

Track listingEdit

No cat. #Edit

  1. "Hothead"
  2. "Read My Lips"
  3. "Violence of Summer"
  4. "Liberty"
  5. "All Along The Water"
  6. "Downtown"
  7. "First Impressions"
  8. "Can You Deal With It?"
  9. "Serious"
  10. "Yo Bad Azizi"
  11. "Venice Drowning"
  12. "Antarctica"
  13. "Hymn For The Preacher"
  14. "Antarctica" (Perc & Guitar Mix)
  15. "Juice"


Duran Duran are:


  • Advance promo cassette for the album Liberty.
<< Liberty - US (advance promo cassette 3) Serious - Australia: 2464-7 >>

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