La Dolce Vita
1 LA DOLCE VITA duran duran italy box set1 LA DOLCE VITA duran duran italy box set 1
Duran Duran box set
Country Italy Italy-Flag 0
Catalogue no. unlisted
Label EMI Italiana S.p.A.
Format Box Set
5 x 12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
Length 5 albums
Released 31 December 1986
Genre Pop
Producer various
album included
9 duran duran 1981 album 31C 064 64382 brazil LP vinyl discography discogs wikipedia song lyric wiki 2Duran 2 rio
Duran 3rdDuran 4
Duran 5th
Duran Duran

La Dolce Vita is a limited edition Duran Duran 12" vinyl album box set, released in Italy by EMI Italiana S.p.A. on 31 December 1986.

About the box set Edit

This is a collection of Italian vinyl pressings of Duran Duran's first five albums, Duran Duran, Rio, Seven and the Ragged Tiger, Arena, and Notorious.

A giant poster of the Notorious album and a contents list was also included in the box set.

Frank Olinsky designed the clamshell box, which features an angel character and the words 'Duran Duran' embossed in gold leaf foil on the green, white and red colours of the Italian flag. Released on New Year's Eve in 1986, the presentation of the box set gives the overall effect of a large box of expensive chocolates.

La Dolce Vita was issued by EMI, without any catalogue listing for the item.


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