John Taylor Terroristen
Jt2000 flyer1 john taylor
Background information
Formed by John Taylor
Years active 1998-2000
Genre Pop, Rock
Labels B5 Records
Trust The Process
Members John Taylor
Gerry Laffy
Michael Railton
Tio Banks
Larry Aberman
John Amato
John Taylor

John Taylor Terroristen was a live band formed by John Taylor in 1998. The line-up featured Taylor on bass, Gerry Laffy on guitar, Michael Railton / Tio Banks on keyboard, Larry Aberman on drums, and John Amato on saxophone and flute.


The band played numerous shows in Southern California before touring the East and West Coasts of the USA, with The Baby Steps Tour in 1998.

Tio Banks replaced Michael Railton on keyboards, when the band performed shows in Japan during The 1999 / 2000 Tour.

Discography Edit


John Taylor Terroristen are:

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