DD Convention 1997
Cov96jtcaliforniadvd a
live DVD
Released unknown
Recorded 19 January 1997
Genre Pop
Length 14 tracks
Label unofficial
Producer various
"Lonely In Your Nightmare"
John Taylor - sings 'Lonely in Your Nightmare' - 9705:43

John Taylor - sings 'Lonely in Your Nightmare' - 97

John Taylor

John Taylor: DD Convention 1997 is an unofficial John Taylor live DVD, recorded at the DuranCon, Roosevelt Hotel in Santa Monica, CA, USA on 19 January 1997.

About the DVDEdit

This is a John Taylor solo acoustic set, hosted by the Duran Duran Yearbook fanzine. During the performance there was the first announcement by Taylor that he was leaving Duran Duran. This was followed by a performance of "Lonely In Your Nightmare".

There are also bonus tracks featuring various TV promotional appearances by Taylor, recorded around the world between 1996-97.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Save A Prayer"
  2. "Planet Earth"
  3. "Feelings Are Good"
  4. "Look Homeward Angel"
  5. "Losing You"
  6. "Better Way"
  7. "Hold Back the Rain"
  8. Announcement
  9. "Lonely In Your Nightmare"

Bonus tracks:

  1. Hard Rock Special - Interview with John Taylor & promotional I.D. and "Feelings Are Good" performance (Japanese TV, 20 December 96 - 2:57)
  2. Music Factory - Interview with Taylor and clips of Feelings Are Good" music video version 2 (Japanese TV, April 97 - 2:54)
  3. A Matter of Taste - John hosts show and V.J.’s, showing his favorite music influences – includes all music videos from John’s favorite bands. Includes Feelings Are Good" video (German TV, 28 July 97 - 54:50)
  4. USA Cable Show - John Taylor live in N.Y.C. "Hold Back The Rain" (USA, September 97 - 3:44)
  5. VH-1 Vinyl Justice - John Taylor's home & interview including opening of show with John (22 September 97 - 7:13)

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