Joanne Yearwood
Background information
Born UK
Occupation Vocalist, songwriter
Genres Jazz, Soul, Blues, Pop
Associated acts Duran Duran

Joanne Yearwood is a British vocalist and songwriter, who has recorded and toured with artists including Duran Duran and Nick Rhodes.


Joanne was raised as a child in the East End of London (UK) and then moved to Buckinghamshire (UK). As a young child, her single parented mother quickly recognised Joanna's gift for music and dance, immediately directing her towards the arts. At the age of five Joanna was enrolled in the Ivy Trevor Dance School and at nine she went onto attend the Anna Scher Theatre. Joanna moved to Italy in her teens to invent herself as an artist and was later accepted into the prestigious Italian Opera institution, G Rossini academy of Music in Pesaro as a Mezzo Soprance and her romance with Italy began. Throughout Italy Joanna worked as a club vocalist, model and a dancer where she appeared on several television shows as a showgirl and radio stations as an artist and music presenter.

One of her first musical experiences was performing at the Cannes Music Festival Midem as well as touring with a variety of international DJ's such as Lui Vega, Francois Kevorkian, Kenny Carpenter and Ralf. During this time Joanna was becoming restless to pursue a serious career in music and so after much consideration she uprooted and returned to London and began focusing on her writing. Joanna was introduced to Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran who produced and co-wrote with her several tracks. She would also perform with Duran Duran as a backing vocalist during The Reunion Tour in 2003/04.

Joanna then relocated to Los Angels where she worked with fifteen-time Grammy award winning producer David Foster whom she met whilst working with producer Richard Perry.Together David and Joanna wrote the song "Strum with my heart".

Over the years Joanna has collaborated with various producers, writers and musicians, gathering a large catalogue of songs. And so after travelling the world extensively Joanna went on to complete her debut album, soon to be released, which she co-wrote and produced with Jesper Mattsson and several of those tracks were also produced by Richard Perry.

A selection of Joanne's songsEdit

  • "It Is What It Is" - written by Joanne Yearwood & Jesper Mattsson
  • "Black Jack" - written by Joanna Yearwood & Jesper Mattsson
  • "Where Are You Now" - written by Joanna Yearwood & Jesper Mattsson
  • "Words Can Be Demanding" - written by Joanna Yearwood & Nick Rhodes
  • "Strum With My Heart" - written by David Foster & Joanna Yearwood
  • "Ease My Mind" - written by Joanna Yearwood and Joey Melotti


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