Jeff Thomas
Background information
Born 1956, UK
Occupation Singer (late 1970s-early 80s)
Years active 1970s-80s
Genres Punk, Pop, New Wave
Associated acts Scent Organs
Duran Duran

Jeff Thomas is a British singer, who has been in bands including the Scent Organs and Duran Duran.


Thomas was a member of the Scent Organs in the late 1970s, a band that included drummer Roger Taylor. The shows they played included performances at Barbarella's nightclub in Birmingham, where John Taylor and Andy Wickett saw them play.

He was very interested with European life and travel, which led to Roger Taylor's first trip abroad when he was 19. This was when both of them traveled to Amsterdam, Netherlands on the train and spent a week there. Taylor later commented that they both wanted to live out the promise of the Kraftwerk song "Trans Europe Express" and the European dreams of early Ultravox and Simple Minds songs.

In 1979, Thomas joined Duran Duran on Roger Taylor suggestion and was part of the band's 3rd official line-up. This comprised of Thomas, Andy Wickett, John Taylor, Alan Curtis, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor. The line-up never performed live. With Thomas's input into Duran Duran, the song "See Me Repeat Me" became "Ami a Go Go" (also referred to as "Amy" or "MM a Go Go"). Thomas left Duran Duran in early 1980 shortly after Paul and Michael Berrow, owners of Birmingham's Rum Runner nightclub became managers of the band.


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