Ivan Hussey
Ivan Celloman Hussey
Background information
Born UK
Occupation Musician, record producer
Instruments Cello
Genre Pop, Jazz, Classical
Years active 1990s-present
Associated acts Celloman
Maxi Priest
Soul II Soul
Duran Duran

Ivan Hussey is a British cellist, record producer and bandleader of Celloman, who has recorded and performed with artists including Duran Duran.


Ivan musical career began when he joined the Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra at the age of 17. During his time with them, he appeared on two of their recorded albums and took part in tours of Japan, Jamaica and Europe. He then became a session musician, playing cello on over 100 albums, including more than 10 top 20 hits and at least 5 number one UK & US chart successes for artists such as Mick Jagger, Gabrielle, Take That, The Lighthouse Family, Soul II Soul, Incognito, Maxi Priest and Lynden David Hall.

He has also worked live with Duran Duran, Smoke City, The Lighthouse Family, The Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra and others. This included Duran Duran's An Acoustic Evening With Tour in 1993, which featured the Italian Acoustic show and the Uruguay concert.

In 2001 the band Celloman was formed, featuring Ivan and releasing their debut album Aquador on Ivan Hussey's own independent record label Jambila Music (formerly SPI). They have since gone on to release a further two albums and played many shows around the UK and Europe, including four appearances at the Glastonbury Festival between 2002 to 2006 and at the Glade Festival in 2006.

Ivan has recently began teaching part-time at Thanet College in Kent (UK).

A selection of creditsEdit

  • Bachelor - Patrick Wolf (2009) (cello)
  • Not Everybody Gets a Happy Ending - Die So Fluid (2008) (cello)
  • 40,000 Things - Steve Brookstein (2006) (orchestra, strings)
  • Perfect and Beautiful - Tony Moore (2005) (cello, string arrangements)
  • Asian Garden - Various Artists (2004) (producer)
  • Harem's Secret: Emotional & Sensual Oriental Grooves - Various Artists (2004) (composer, producer)
  • Classical Indian Collection - Various Artists (2003) (string arrangements)
  • Reggae Splash All Stars - Various Artists (2003) (electric cello)
  • Indestructible Arabian Beats - Various Artists (2003) (arranger, producer)
  • Game - MamaYo (2003) (cello)
  • Zen and the Art of Chilling, Vol. 1 - Various Artists (2002) (producer)
  • nto Tempo Remixes - Bebel Gilberto (2001) (cello)
  • Stranger Than Fiction - Ultra Naté (2001) (cello)
  • 10 Songs for Girls & Boys - Square Window (2000) (cello)
  • Songs From the Tin - Da Lata (2000) (cello)
  • Reggae Blitz: All-Stars - Various Artists (2000) (electric cello)
  • Aquador - Celloman (2000) (cello, piano, producer, vocals, programming)
  • Prayer 4 Unity - D'Influence (1995) (cello)
  • Tribes Vibes + Scribes - Incognito (1992) (cello, violin)
  • Connected - Stereo MC's (1992) (strings)
  • Bonafide - Maxi Priest (1990) (strings)