Interview Disc
Interview disc editedInterview disc nick duran edited
unofficial album
Country UK Union-jack2
Catalogue no. BAK 2002
Label Baktabak
Format 12" vinyl picture disc
(33⅓ RPM), Ltd
Length 60 minutes
Released 1985
Genre Spoken word
Producer various
custom picture card sleeve
Interview 1 duran duran wikipediaInterview DISC duran duran wikipedia
Simon Le Bon / Nick Rhodes

Interview Disc is an unofficial Duran Duran limited edition 12" vinyl picture disc interview album, released in the UK by Baktabak during 1985.

About the album

The album contains an interview with Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes, with no music included. The record was released as a vinyl picture disc, featuring an image of Simon Le Bon on side 1. Nick Rhodes is on side 2 dressed in his wedding suit on Saturday 18 August 1984. The wedding ceremony was held at London's Marylebone Registry Office and the evening party at the Savoy Hotel, which included live pink flamingos.

The Interview Disc was packaged either in a clear plastic PVC sleeve, or a more rare custom picture card sleeve.

It's very probable that this interview was been recorded on the 7th December 1983 because:
1 - Nick talks about the house he has bought in London & in which he had spent about 2 hours so far; According to the TimeLine Nick bought this house in November 1983.
2 - They talk about a show at the Apollo (Manchester). Simon says "I enjoyed last night tremendously!" (Side 1, 04:19). The band played there for two nights in 1983: 6th & 7th December.
3 - Simon ponders about putting to practice some good idea that Nick came up with: "That's gonna be this Christmas Tour's hobby." (Side 2, ±11:45)
3 - Simon says: "What am I saying?! I mean: it's Winter in Manchester; I can't go to the beach today!..." (Side 2, 21:21)

Track listing

BAK 2002

Side A

  • Interview with Nick & Simon (1983_12_07WED) (1of2)

Side B

  • Interview with Nick & Simon (1983_12_07WED) (2of2)


Duran Duran are:

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