Duran duran instrumental bootleg
compilation album
Released unknown
Recorded 1980-02
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 20 tracks
Label unofficial
Producer various
reverse cover
Duran duran instrumental bootleg 1

Instrumental is an unofficial compilation album, featuring a collection of Duran Duran and band related instrumental recordings.

About the albumEdit

The tracks on the album were recorded between 1980 and 2002. The compilation includes "Prototypes", which is part instrumental comprising of a collection of short experimental tracks.

Another instrumental featured is "Tel Aviv", written when Simon Le Bon was in Israel working on a Kibbutz. This track includes some ethereal vocalizations by Simon Le Bon, possibly words in Yiddish or Arabic.

The band related recordings include tracks by Arcadia, Andy Taylor, John Taylor, Neurotic Outsiders and The Devils.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Interlude One"
  2. "Tel Aviv"
  3. "Tiger Tiger"
  4. "Faith In This Colour"
  5. "Lake Shore Driving"
  6. "Prototypes"
  7. "Rose Arcana"
  8. "Say The Word"
  9. "Angel Eyes"
  10. "French Guitar"
  11. "Jazz"
  12. "Dance For Freedom"
  13. "Dis-Order"
  14. "Lovers Afternoon"
  15. "Spanish Ballroom"
  16. "Memory Palaces"
  17. "The Tinsel Ritual"
  18. "Flute Interlude"
  19. "Fragment"
  20. "Kiss Goodbye"

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