Special DJ Copy
Duran-Duran-I-Dont-Want-Yours-1988I don't want your..special dj copy 2
promo album by Duran Duran
Country Japan Japan flag
Catalogue no. EMS-17402
Label Toshiba-EMI
Format CD, promo
Length 18 tracks
Released 1988
Genre Pop
Producer various
Duran Duran

I Don't Want Your ....Special DJ Copy is a promotional-only Duran Duran compilation album, released in Japan by Toshiba-EMI during 1988.

About the album Edit

The album is a collection of Duran Duran singles in chronological order from track 2. The band's debut 1981 single "Planet Earth" begins this order, and the compilation finishes with the current single at the time "I Don't Want Your Love".

The promo was released in a Special DJ Copy custom picture sleeve and issued to radio stations for air play only.

Track listing Edit

EMS-17402 Edit

  1. "I Don't Want Your Love" (7" mix)
  2. "Planet Earth (3:57)
  3. "Careless Memories" (3:53)
  4. "Girls on Film" (3:29)
  5. "My Own Way" (3:40)
  6. "Hungry Like The Wolf" (3:28)
  7. "Save a Prayer" (4:00)
  8. "Rio " (4:41)
  9. "Is There Something I Should Know?" (4:09)
  10. "Union of the Snake" (4:19)
  11. "New Moon on Monday" (4:14)
  12. "The Reflex" (4:22)
  13. "The Wild Boys" (4:17)
  14. "A View To A Kill" (3:33)
  15. "Notorious" (4:00)
  16. "Skin Trade" - Radio Cut (4:26)
  17. "Meet El Presidente" (3:41)
  18. "I Don't Want Your Love" - Album Version (4:05)
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