Hot Tracks: Series 9, Issue 1
Duran duran burning 12 hot tracks 01Hot Tracks Series 9, Issue 1 duran duran
compilation album
Country USA Dbi flag usa
Catalogue no. SA 9-1
Label Hot Tracks
Format 2 x 12" clear vinyl (45 RPM)
Length 8 tracks
Released 1990
Genre House, Hi NRG, Synth-pop, Disco
Producer various
featuring Duran Duran

Hot Tracks: Series 9, Issue 1 is a double vinyl single featuring Duran Duran, released by Hot Tracks in the USA during 1990.

About the albumEdit

This is a DJ product only, released by the remix service Hot Tracks (now Select Mix). The single features song mixes created by various producers and could only be purchased by registered DJs.

The collection includes "Burning the Ground" / "Decadance" (The Singing The Floor Edit), a track created by Chris Cox who has done other Duran Duran remixes available on Mixed Up/Strange Frequency and Ultra Rare Trax.

Track listingEdit

SA 9-1Edit

Side AEdit

  1. "Keep It Together" - Madonna (Digital Mixing & Editing by Joseph Watt) (6:31)
  2. "Escapade" - Janet Jackson (The 'Let's Get The Hell Out of Dodge' CD Edit by Chris Cox) (7:03)

Side BEdit

  1. "Get Up (Before The Night Is Over)" - Technotronic (Edit by Robyn Durling & Lefty Charania) (6:44)
  2. "Room At The Top" - Adam Ant (The No Room 4 Snakes Edit by Chris Cox) (6:09)

Side CEdit

  1. "Burning the Ground" / "Decadance" - Duran Duran (The Singing The Floor Edit by Chris Cox) (6:08)
  2. "Give Me Your Love" - Fun Fun (Edit by John Moffett) (5:57)

Side DEdit

  1. "Tainted Love" - Impedance (The Saturday Night Special Mix by Raul 'EFX' Recinos & Mind Motion) (5:27)
  2. "Steamy Windows" - Tina Turner (NRG Edit by Glenn Cattanach) (6:35)
<< Burning the Ground - US: V-15546 Decade - Argentina: 10.071 >>

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