Hot Tracks: 12-7
Hot Tracks 12-7 duran duran
compilation album
Country USA Dbi flag usa
Catalogue no. HT-CD-12-7
Label Hot Tracks
Format 3 x 12" vinyl
Length 12 tracks
Released 1993
Genre Pop, Dance
Producer Chris Cox
reverse cover
Hot Tracks 12-7 duran duran 1
featuring Duran Duran

Hot Tracks: 12-7 (Series 12 - Issue 7) is a compilation album featuring Duran Duran, released in the USA by Hot Tracks during 1993.

About the albumEdit

The album is a DJ product only by the remix service Hot Tracks (now Select Mix), containing song mixes created by various producers and could only be purchased by registered DJs.

The compilation includes Duran Duran's "Too Much Information" remix by Ron Hester, a track also available on the Mixed Up/Strange Frequency album.

Chris Cox produced the album, an American DJ/producer who has created Duran Duran remixes such as "Girls on Film" (Digital Mix), "Planet Earth" (Digital Mix) and "Violence of Summer (Love's Taking Over)" (Hot Tracks Mix).

Track listingEdit


  1. "Slide On The Rhythm" - Arizona (6:31) Remix by Troy Sands
  2. "The Program" - David Morales & The Bad Yard Club (5:35) Remix by Chris Cox
  3. "Can't Pay Around" - Kathy Brown (6:25) Remix by Troy Sands
  4. "You Need Someone" - Groove Committee (6:42) Remix by Ron Hester
  5. "Love In Motion" - Bizarre Inc (5:38) Remix by D.J. EFX
  6. "I'm Beautiful Dammit" - Uncanny Alliance (6:19) Edited by [Digital Edits] Ron Hester Remix by D.J. EFX
  7. "Too Much Information" - Duran Duran (6:21) Remix by Ron Hester
  8. "Like A Rolling Stone" - Mystery Tramps (6:37) Remix by Jim Thias
  9. "Broken English" - Sunscreem (6:38) Remix by Ron Hester
  10. "Queen's English" - José & Luis (6:28) Remix by Ron Hester
  11. "I Can See Clearly Now" - Bless This House (6:29) Remix by Glenn Cattanach
  12. "The Boss" - Diana Ross (6:49) Remix by Stephen L. Freeman


  • Executive Producer - Anne Medice, Scott Cox
  • Mastered by Roger Seibel
  • Producer - Chris Cox

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