Hey Webkids!
Duran duran hey webkids! dvd
compilation DVD
Released 2006
Recorded various
Genre Pop, interview
Length 27 tracks
Label unofficial
Producer Duran Duran
This Is Your Life with John Taylor
"Girls on Film" - Andy Wickett 2006

Hey Webkids! is an unofficial compilation DVD, featuring a collection of Duran Duran and band related recordings.

About the DVDEdit

The DVD includes "Feelin' Groovy" sung by an eleven year old Simon Le Bon, who would make his London West Stage debut two years later in a production of Tom Brown's Schooldays.

Early Duran Duran member Andy Wickett finishes the DVD with a 2006 version of "Girls on Film", a song he wrote the melody to when he worked at the Cadburys chocolate factory in Birmingham during the late 1970s.

Track listingEdit

  1. Simon Le Bon (age 11) singing "Feelin' Groovy"
  2. John Taylor in 8 Days A Week (1984)
  3. Pop Quiz - Duran Duran vs. Spandau Ballet (1984)
  4. Warren Cuccurullo's guitar lesson
  5. BBC interview with Simon, Nick and Warren (1998)
  6. Heartthrobs and Icons of the 80s with John (2001)
  7. This Is Your Life with John (1999)
  8. "Someone Else Not Me" (1999)
  9. "Silva Halo" (2001)
  10. Never Mind The Buzzcocks with John (2001)
  11. Duran Live Special (Japan-2003)
  12. Happy Holidays from Duran Duran (2003)
  13. Studio updates (2004)
  14. Duran in Hong Kong (2004)
  15. Narduawar (2004)
  16. Popworld (2004)
  17. Simon on the Ocarina (2005)
  18. Thanks after the first US leg of the Astronaut Tour (2005)
  19. interview (2005)
  20. Simon falling at St. Andrew's, Birmingham (2005)
  21. Dutch TV interview (2005)
  22. Simon at Fashion Rocks (2005)
  23. Popstars with the Taylors (2005)
  24. Hardtalk Extra with Simon and Nick (2005)
  25. Earls Court clips (2005)
  26. Holiday messages (2005)
  27. "Girls on Film" - Andy Wickett (2006)

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