Heaven's Eyes
Arcadia heaven's eyes editedHeaven's eyes arcadia back
unofficial compilation album
Country Finland Finland FLAG.svg
Catalogue no. PRCD14 • 29760 2
Label DD Fan Club
Format CD, RM
Length 11 tracks
Released 2005
Genre Pop
Producer various
Heavens eyes

Heaven's Eyes is an unofficial Arcadia remastered compilation album, released in Finland by the DD Fan Club during 2005.

About the album Edit

The album is a re-release of a 1995 bootleg album containing remixes of Arcadia singles, originally released on vinyl records only.

The original bootleg used a bogus record company name called Tritec Music Limited to make it look like an official Duran Duran related release, as Tritec Music is the name of Duran Duran's first music publishing company.

The track "Election Day" (Concensus Mix) also features on Arcadia - The Singles Box Set, available in August 2008.

The album was released with a unique patterned picture disc and a Japanese style obi-strip.

Track listing Edit

PRCD14 • 29760 2Edit

  1. "Election Day" (Concensus Mix) - 8:32
  2. "Election Day" (Cryptic Cut No Voice Mix) - 8:27
  3. "Election Day" (Fact & Story Mix) - 9:06
  4. "The Promise" (Extended Mix) - 7:05
  5. "Goodbye Is Forever" (Extended Mix) - 6:44
  6. "Goodbye Is Forever" (Dub Mix) - 5:14
  7. "Rose Arcana" (Extended) - 5:30
  8. "The Flame" (Extended Mix) - 7:12
  9. "Flame Game" (Yo Homeboy Mix) - 2:47
  10. "Say The Word" (Extended Remix) - 6:32
  11. "Say The Word" (Extended Instrumental) - 5:38

Credits Edit


Arcadia are:

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