Front Row: 13 January 2011
radio show
Presenter John Wilson
First broadcast 13 January 2011
Broadcast time 7:15pm-7:45pm
Genre Interview, arts, literature, film, media, music
Length 30 minutes
Producer Philippa Ritchie
featuring Simon Le Bon

Front Row: 13 January 2011 is a radio show broadcast on BBC Radio 4 which featured a 10-minute interview with Simon Le Bon.

About the showEdit

Broadcast each weekday between 7:15pm and 7:45pm, Front Row is a magazine show that focuses on the world of arts, literature, film, media and music. On 13 January 2011, the show featured actor Trevor Eve talking about playing an international hostage negotiator in a three-part TV thriller. Comedian and actor Hugh Dennis was also interviewed on hosting the new comedy improvisation series called Fast and Loose.

With an introduction featuring music clips of "Girls on Film", "Rio" and "Is There Something I Should Know?", presenter Mark Wilson began his interview with Simon Le Bon by talking about the band's new album All You Need Is Now and asking if Duran Duran had set out to make a record that evoked their heyday. Le Bon replied that producer Mark Ronson wanted to rediscover the spirit and experimentation of their first two albums; not the sound, but the way the songs were written. Wilson added that All You Need Is Now is in tune with the times, as there are a lot of young bands trying to evoke the sound of the electronic 80s.

When asked the question "What is the difference between being a fifty-year-old in a band and a twenty-year-old?", Le Bon replied "It feels like a job now and going to the office. I sit down to write lyrics on a computer instead of going on a bus into Birmingham and sitting on a dirty wooden floor of a warehouse."

Le Bon was also asked if he regretted anything about their 80s image, at which he said "No. Nick does. It worked for us at the time; we were just trying to entertain."