Fan Club of One
John Taylor Live Cuts
song by John Taylor
Released 2000
Recorded 1999-00
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 5:29
Label Trust The Process
Producer John Taylor
John Taylor

"Fan Club of One" is a song by John Taylor, originally released on the official bootleg album Live Cuts in 2000.

About the songEdit

Written and produced by John Taylor, the song was released on the official bootleg album Live Cuts sold through Taylor's website Trust the Process.

The track was taken from a collection of bootlegs recorded in Los Angeles (USA), Nagoya (Japan) & Osaka (Japan) during 1999 and 2000, which haven't been retouched in the studio in anyway and have been played live only a few times.

Other appearancesEdit



A secret is this
I've heard every word
And everyone was at home in your world

You tell me a lie
I tell you the truth
One moment you're immortal
I live like a bee

I say this for you
You kept it to breathe
You learn to pass it along
Every need comes a dream

And when I'm alone
It's like coming stoned
It's simple to use all the poverty
We start to fight

I'll never knock you down (2x)
I'll never knock you down (2x)
Oh I'll never knock you down (2x)
You'd be my fanclub number one

I'll be your knocking baby
I'll be your the ringing baby
You'd be my fanclub number one

There's nothing to do
'It gave me a resh'
We've played every paper with the plan on the bed
Don't misanderstandin', I'm willing to learn

Fan club number one (5x)

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