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by Duran Duran
Song details
Careless Memories B-side
from the single
"Careless Memories"
Length: 3:17
Writer(s): David Bowie,John Lennon,Carlos Alomar
Producer(s): Colin Thurston

"Fame" is a Duran Duran song and the b-side to their second single Careless Memories.

About the songEdit

The song was originally written by David Bowie, John Lennon, and Carlos Alomar. It became the second single from Bowie's Young Americans album and became his first US No. 1. Duran Duran's version appeared on the 12" version of the Careless Memories single.

Song versionsEdit

Aside from the version on the Careless Memories single, no other versions are known to have been recorded.

Track ListingEdit

Release information pertains to UK release only

12": EMI 12 EMI 5168Edit

  1. "Careless Memories" (3:53)
  2. "Fame" (3:11)
  3. "Khanada" (3:17)

CD: Part of "Singles Box Set 1981-1985" boxsetEdit

  1. "Careless Memories" (3:53)
  2. "Khanada" (3:17)
  3. "Fame" (3:11)

Other appearencesEdit


Fame, makes a man take things over
Fame, let's him loose, hard to swallow
Fame, puts you there, where things are hollow

Fame, hurts your brain, just a flame
A funny tin to dip you inside

Fame, what you like is in the limo
Fame, what you get is no tomorrow
Fame, what you need you have to borrow

Fame, the dirty swine, its just his line
He's only trying to drive you to crime.. (crime)

Is it any wonder
I'll reject you first
Is it any wonder
You're too cool to prove

A ticket for you, a ticket for me
I've gotta get to witchitta

Fame (repeat x23)
What's your name?
What a game..
What a shame.. what a shame..

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