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Extraordinary World
Duran-duran-extraordinary-world-wikipedia video 1
documentary video
Label PMI / Pioneer
Format Video, LaserDisc
Length 77 minutes
Released 1993
Genre Documentary, music
Writer Allie Eberthardt (part 1)
Producer Allie Eberthardt (part 1)
Director Allie Eberthardt (part 1)
reverse cover
Duran-duran-extraordinary-world-wikipedia video
Duran Duran

Extraordinary World is a Duran Duran video documentary, released by PMI / Pioneer in 1994.

About the video Edit

The video provides a visual history of Duran Duran, with the four members providing a chronological story-telling of how the band was created, the rise to fame and their history since 1978.

This is the first video to cover the subject of the band's history and also features six songs from The Wedding Album era.

Track listing Edit

Part 1:

  1. Introductions 1978
  2. Making Videos
  3. Duran Crazy Success And Pressure
  4. Old And New Faces 1987
  5. Here And Now 1993

Part 2:

  1. "Ordinary World" (directed by Nick Egan)
  2. "Come Undone" (directed by Julien Temple)
  3. "Too Much Information" (directed by Julien Temple)
  4. "Breath After Breath" (directed by Keith Ward)
  5. "Violence of Summer" (directed by Big TV!)
  6. "Serious" (directed by Big TV!)


Duran Duran are:


  • PMI MVN4911463 - Pal VHS (77 mins)
  • PMI TOVW3164 - NTSC (77 mins)
  • Pioneer PA-94-541 - LaserDisc (77 mins)

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