Tokyo July 12, 2003
Encore tokyo july 12 2003
live album
Venue Nippon Budokan, Tokyo,
Japan Japan flag
Recorded 12 July 2003
Released 2003
Catalogue no. ES DD03-0712
Format 2xCD
Length 22 tracks
Genre Pop
Producer Duran Duran
reverse cover
Ticket 12 july 2003 duran duran tiket
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Encore Series: Tokyo July 12, 2003 is a Duran Duran legally bootlegged live album, recorded during The Reunion Tour at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, Japan on July 12, 2003.

About the albumEdit

The album is a recording of Duran Duran's performance at the Nippon Budokan, a 20,000 capacity venue located in Kitanomaru Park, Tokyo. This was the last of five shows held at Japan on the tour.

The Encore Series is a collection of seven live concert bootleg albums sanctioned by the band during The Reunion Tour, each legally sold online by

The album marked the first set of shows performed by the original five band members together on stage, since their appearance at Live Aid in July 1985.

The album features all the songs played on The Reunion Tour. Some shows omitted one or two. This is also one of the only sets in the Encore Series released unedited.

The sound on this 2xCD set is a well balanced soundboard recording, with no major flaws. Included are strong performances of "Save A Prayer", "Notorious", "Planet Earth" and "Come Undone".

The 2xCD set was released in a custom gatefold slipcase, hand stamped with the performance, date and track listings details. This presentation was also sanctioned by the band.

Track listing Edit

ES DD03-0712 Edit

CD 1Edit

  1. Intro - 1:54
  2. "Friends of Mine" - 4:48
  3. "Hungry Like the Wolf" - 3:58
  4. "Planet Earth" - 4:44
  5. "Come Undone" - 5:45
  6. "What Happens Tomorrow" - 5:13
  7. "New Religion" - 6:21
  8. "Virus" - 4:24
  9. "White Lines" - 6:00
  10. "Night Boat" - 5.56
  11. "Still Breathing" - 6:26
  12. "Is There Something I Should Know?" - 4:50

CD 2Edit

  1. "Save A Prayer" - 7:25
  2. "Ordinary World" - 6:25
  3. "A View to a Kill" - 4:06
  4. "(Reach Up for The) Sunrise" - 5:33
  5. "Notorious" - 5:48
  6. "The Wild Boys" - 5:20
  7. "Careless Memories" - 6:23
  8. "Rio" - 6:30
  9. "The Reflex" - 5:15
  10. "Girls on Film" - 6:03


Duran Duran are:


Encore Series: Duran DuranEdit

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