Electrotrash Undone
Electrotrash undone tribute duran duran
compilation album
Released 14 September 2004
Recorded various
Genre Dance, Electro Pop
Length 12 tracks
Label Big Eye Music
Producer various
cover songs

Electrotrash Undone: A Tribute To Duran Duran is a cover song compilation album, released by Big Eye Music on 14 September 2004.

About the album Edit

The album is a collection of Duran Duran songs, covered by various underground electro bands. The musical styles range from dance to electro pop and synthesizer rock.

The CD was released in a jewel case with a unique custom picture cover.

Track listing Edit

B0002VET8Q Edit

  1. "All She Wants Is" - Nu-Man (3:34)
  2. "Come Undone" - Roxy Dolls (4:12)
  3. "Girls on Film" - New Romantic Orchestra (3:40)
  4. "I Don't Want Your Love" - Rhode Island (3:56)
  5. "Is There Something I Should Know?" - Beach Babes (4:12)
  6. "Lava Lamp" - Cinder Cone Club (3:42)
  7. "Mars Meets Venus" - Explorer IV (3:27)
  8. "Notorious" - Eskimo Disco (4:09)
  9. "Ordinary World" - Transistortion (3:23)
  10. "Planet Earth" - Nu-Man (4:22)
  11. "Rio" - Boyz From Brazil (4:49)
  12. "The Wild Boys" - New Romantic Orchestra (4:10)

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