Elayne Griffiths was Nick Rhodes' girlfriend in the early days of Duran Duran, who worked the door at the Rum Runner nightclub where he was a DJ.

Comments from Nick RhodesEdit

"I started Deejaying on Tuesdays at the Rum Runner and then ended up doing it on Fridays too. The thing is it would be absoloutely packed and the club held at least 500 to 600 people. There would be queues around the block. We had to operate a door policy and my girlfriend at the time, Elayne, used to decide who could come in. She was the most exquisite creature you've ever seen and some nights she'd be dressed from head to toe in see-through plastic."


The relationship didn't last, but their close friendship did. A few years later when Nick married Julie Anne on 18 August 1984, he chose Elayne to perform the duties of his 'best man', claiming her to be his best friend outside the band. By this time she was working as a singer.

Elayne later had a daughter with Duran Duran producer Alex Sadkin, and Nick returned her earlier favour by becomming the child's godfather.