EMI Hot Shots: Nr. 4
Duran duran EMI Hot Shots Nr. 4 a
compilation album
Country Germany German-flag
Catalogue no. CDP 519 023
Label EMI Electrola
Format CD
Length 18 tracks
Released 1990
Genre Pop, Rock
Producer various
reverse cover
Duran duran EMI Hot Shots Nr. 4
featuring Duran Duran

EMI Hot Shots: Nr. 4 is a promotional-only compilation album featuring Duran Duran, released in Germany by EMI Electrola during 1990.

About the albumEdit

The album is a collection of songs by various artists, which includes Duran Duran's 21st single "Violence of Summer (Love's Taking Over)".

The compilation also includes a cover version of the Spencer Davis Group's "Gimme Some Lovin'" performed by Thunder", a track produced by Andy Taylor and released on the Backstreet Symphony album in 1990.

Jane Wiedlin is featured on the album, who was a member of The Go-Go's when Duran Duran were the opening act for their Greek Theatre show in Los Angeles, CA, USA on 3 October 1981.

Track listingEdit

CDP 519 023Edit

  1. "Violence of Summer (Love's Taking Over)" - Duran Duran (3:30)
  2. "Living In The Promiseland" - Joe Cocker (3:53)
  3. "Release Me" - Wilson Phillips (3:46)
  4. "The Company" - Fish (4:04)
  5. "How Much Love" - Vixen (4:05)
  6. "I Didn't Want To Need You" - Heart (4:05)
  7. "Have A Heart" - Bonnie Raitt (3:59)
  8. "World on Fire" - Jane Wiedlin (3:41)
  9. "Sweet Thing" - Horse (4:10)
  10. "Post Post-Modern Man" - Devo (3:20)
  11. "U Can't Touch This" - M.C. Hammer (4:14)
  12. "Unskinny Bop" - Poison (3:48)
  13. "Turtle Power" - Partners In Kryme (3:50)
  14. "Gimme Some Lovin'" - Thunder" (3:44)
  15. "All The Young Dudes" - Bruce Dickinson (3:44)
  16. "Headline News" - Everyday People (4:02)
  17. "Why Can't We Live Together" - Timmy Thomas (3:58)
  18. "I Can Handle" - Mister Mixi & Skinny Scotty feat. Dizzy D. (3:39)

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