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EMI: CD Pro 015
EMI CD Pro 015 duran duran duran
compilation album
Country Argentina Argentina-flag
Catalogue no. EMI CD PRO 015
Label EMI Solo Para Difusion
Format CD
Length 4 tracks
Released 1993
Genre Pop, Rock
Producer various
reverse cover & disc
EMI CD Pro 015 duran duran duran duranEMI CD Pro 015 duran duran
featuring Duran Duran

EMI: CD Pro 015 is a promotional-only compilation album featuring Duran Duran, released in Argentina by EMI Solo Para Difusion during 1993.

About the albumEdit

This is a sampler CD featuring songs by various artists.

The compilation includes Duran Duran's "Ordinary World", a song performed by the band at the Velez Stadium show in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 30 April 1993.

Track listingEdit

EMI CD PRO 015Edit

  1. "Hope of Deliverance" - Paul McCartney (3:23)
  2. "Ordinary World" - Duran Duran (4:42)
  3. "Stand" - Poison (5:14)
  4. "Behind The Sun" - Red Hot Chilli Peppers (4:39)

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