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Duran Duran Discography
Duran duran discography discography discogs wikipedia
Studio albums 13
Live albums 2
Compilation albums 7
EPs 6
Singles 39
Video albums 14

The Wiki Duran Duran Discography of the British band formed in Birmingham during 1978. Duran Duran have released fourteen studio albums, three remix albums, four live albums, four compilation albums, two box sets, five EPs, fourty singles, fourteen video albums on various record labels. Duran Duran have sold more than 100 million records.

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Studio albumsEdit

Year Album Title UK US Additional information
1981 Duran Duran 3 10 Debut album Gold U.S. Sales: 839,993
1982 Rio 2 6 2x Platinum U.S. Sales: 2,437,384
1983 Seven and the Ragged Tiger 1 8 4x Platinum U.S. Sales: 3,883,283
1986 Notorious 16 12 2x Platinum U.S. Sales: 2,023,711
1988 Big Thing 15 24 Platinum U.S. Sales: 1,334,277
1990 Liberty 8 46 Gold U.S. Sales: 884,311
1993 Duran Duran 4 7 Also known as The Wedding AlbumPlatinum U.S. Sales: 1,899,910
1995 Thank You 12 19 Album of cover versions Gold U.S. Sales: 672,882
1997 Medazzaland - 58 Gold U.S. Sales: 283,992
2000 Pop Trash 53 135 Uncertified U.S. Sales: 102,882
2004 Astronaut 3 17 First studio album since 1983 with the original five members.
(Le Bon, Rhodes, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor) Uncertified U.S. Sales: 392,882
2007 Red Carpet Massacre - - Nov 2007
2010 All You Need Is Now 11 29 Dec 2010
2015 Paper Gods 5 10 Sep 2015

Compilation albumsEdit

Year Album Title UK US Additional information
1982 Carnival - - Remixes, not released in UK
1989 Decade 5 67 Singles compilation
1998 Greatest 15 170 Singles compilation, re-issued and re-charted in 2004
1998 Essential Duran Duran (Night Versions) - - Remixes
1999 Strange Behaviour 75 - Remixes
2003 Singles Box Set 1981-1985 - - Box set of singles, B-sides and remixes spanning 1981-1985
2004 Singles Box Set 1986-1995 - - Box set of singles, B-sides and remixes spanning 1986-1995
2004 Greatest 4 146 Singles compilation, re-issue of 1998 collection
2006 Duran Duran 10 Track Collectors Edition - - Available for 1 day only and only available in the UK
2007 The Essential Collection - - Originally released in March 2000
2011 10 Great Songs - - Singles compilation

Live albumsEdit

Year Album Title UK US Additional information
1984 Arena 6 4 Live album
2005 Live from London 6 4 Recorded April 2004
2009 Hammersmith '82! Live - - Recorded on 16 November 1982
2012 A Diamond in the Mind - Live 2011 - - Recorded on 16 December 2011


Starting with 1984's "New Moon on Monday" many of Duran Duran's singles were issued with a vanity catalogue numbering system. This effectively ended with the release of "Electric Barbarella". Surprisingly after a few false starts, "All She Wants Is" was issued as DD 11, signifying that it was the band's 11th single. It was, in fact, the band's 18th.

Year Song UK U.S. Hot 100 Radio & Records Pop U.S. Modern Rock US MAIN ROCK U.S. Dance Album
1981 "Planet Earth" 12 - - - - 26 Duran Duran
1981 "Careless Memories" 37 - - - - 72 Duran Duran
1981 "Girls on Film" 5 - - - 19 26 Duran Duran
1981 "My Own Way" 14 - - - - - Rio
1982 "Hungry Like the Wolf" 5 3 5 - 1 36 Rio
1982 "Save A Prayer" 2 - - - - - Rio
1982 "Rio" 9 14 13 - 5 - Rio
1983 "Is There Something I Should Know?" 1 4 4 - 3 34 Duran Duran
1983 "Union of the Snake" 3 3 2 - 10 33 Seven and the Ragged Tiger
1984 "New Moon on Monday" 9 10 10 - 1 - Seven and the Ragged Tiger
1984 "The Reflex" 1 1 1 - 6 - Seven and the Ragged Tiger
1985 "The Wild Boys" 2 2 1 - 3 27 Arena
1985 "Save A Prayer" (live) - 16 10 - 8 - Arena
1985 "A View to a Kill" 2 1 1 - 11 - A View to a Kill soundtrack
1986 "Notorious" 7 2 2 - 4 26 Notorious
1986 "Skin Trade" 22 39 2 - 18 - Notorious
1987 "Meet El Presidente" 24 70 - - 22 40 Notorious
1988 "I Don't Want Your Love" 14 4 3 - 8 1 Big Thing
1988 "All She Wants Is" 9 22 26 24 13 1 Big Thing
1989 "Do You Believe in Shame?" 30 72 - - - - Big Thing
1989 "Burning the Ground" 31 - - - - - Decade: Greatest Hits
1990 "Violence of Summer (Love's Taking Over)" 20 64 - 13 - 36 Liberty
1990 "Serious" 48 - - - - - Liberty
1993 "Ordinary World" 6 3 1 2 3 - Duran Duran (The Wedding Album)
1993 "Come Undone" 13 7 2 12 14 - Duran Duran (The Wedding Album)
1993 "Too Much Information" 35 45 17 30 24 17 Duran Duran (The Wedding Album)
1995 "Perfect Day" 28 - 52 - - - Thank You
1995 "White Lines" 17 - 45 - - 5 Thank You
1997 "Out of My Mind" 21 - 49 - - - The Saint soundtrack / Medazzaland
1997 "Electric Barbarella" 23 52 29 - - - Medazzaland
2001 "Someone Else Not Me" 53 - - - - - Pop Trash
2004 "(Reach Up for The) Sunrise" 5 89 69 - - 1 Astronaut
2005 "What Happens Tomorrow" 11 - 91 - - 2 Astronaut
2007 "Falling Down" (with Justin Timberlake) - - - - - - Red Carpet Massacre
2010 "Boys Keep Swinging" - - - - - We Were So Turned On: A Tribute To David Bowie
2010 "All You Need Is Now" - - - - - - All You Need Is Now
2011 "Girl Panic!" promo - - - - - All You Need Is Now
2011 "Leave A Light On" promo - - - - - All You Need Is Now
2015 "Pressure Off" - - - - - - Paper Gods
2015 "What are the Chances?" - - - - - - Paper Gods

Extended playsEdit

Non-UK releasesEdit


Simon Le Bon (single by Simon Le Bon) 1971Edit

Tom Brown's Schooldays (album feat. Simon Le Bon) 1972Edit

Dusk and Dawn (album) 1979Edit

Demo (album) 1979Edit

Utopia - Duran Duran (demo) 1980Edit

Planet Earth / Is There Anyone Out There? (single) 1980Edit

Planet Earth (single) 1981Edit

Planet Earth (video) 1981Edit

With Compliments (single) 1981Edit

New Romantic (promo) 1981Edit

Sound of Thunder (single) 1981Edit

Careless Memories (single) 1981Edit

Duran Duran (album) 1981Edit

Girls on Film (single) 1981Edit

Girls on Film / Hungry Like the Wolf (video) 1983Edit

Faster Than Light (B-side single) 1981Edit

Nite Romantics (EP) 1981Edit

My Own Way (single) 1981Edit

Like An Angel (B-side single) 1981Edit

Anyone Out There (single) 1982Edit

Night Versions (EP) 1982Edit

Hungry Like the Wolf (single) 1982Edit

Rio (album) 1982Edit

Save A Prayer (single) 1982Edit

Hold Back the Rain (B-side single) 1982Edit

Carnival (EP) 1982Edit

Rio (single) 1982Edit

New Religion (promo) 1982Edit

Special DJ Copy (album) 1982Edit

Is There Something I Should Know? (single) 1983Edit

Duran Duran (1981 reissue album) 1983Edit

Duran Duran (video) 1983Edit

DMM Mega Mixes (EP) 1983Edit

Union of the Snake (single) 1983Edit

Duran Duran (song medley single) 1983Edit

Seven and the Ragged Tiger (album) 1983Edit

Capitol Radio Spot (promo) 1983Edit

Tiger! Tiger! (EP) 1983Edit

New Moon on Monday (single) 1984Edit

The Reflex (single) 1984Edit

Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me) (single) 1984Edit

Shadows on Your Side (promo) 1984Edit

Conoce A Duran Duran (album) 1984Edit

Dancing on the Valentine (video) 1984Edit

The Wild Boys (single) 1984Edit

Arena (live album) 1984Edit

Sing Blue Silver (video) 1984Edit

Arena (An Absurd Notion) (video) 1985Edit

The Making of Arena (video) 1985Edit

Mixing (EP) 1985Edit

A View to a Kill (single) 1985Edit

Maxi-Singles Bag (singles) 1985Edit

Capitol Radio Spot: A View to a Kill (promo) 1985Edit

Notorious (single) 1986Edit

Notorious (video) 1986Edit

Notorious (album) 1986Edit

Excerpts From The Album Notorious (promo single) 1986Edit

Duran Duran Story (album) 1986Edit

La Dolce Vita (albums) 1987Edit

Skin Trade (single) 1987Edit

Skin Trade (video) 1987Edit

Meet El Presidente (single) 1987Edit

The Presidential Suite (EP) 1987Edit

Master Mixes (EP) 1987Edit

Strange Behavior (EP) 1987Edit

Duran Goes Dutch (EP) 1987Edit

Three to Get Ready (video) 1987Edit

Working For The Skin Trade (video) 1988Edit

I Don't Want Your Love (single) 1988Edit

I Don't Want Your Love (video) 1988Edit

I Don't Want Your.....Special DJ Copy (album) 1988Edit

Big Thing (album) 1988Edit

Big Thing (single) 1988Edit

All She Wants Is (single) 1988Edit

Do You Believe in Shame? (single) 1989Edit

Too Late Marlene (single) 1989Edit

The LSD Edit (promo) 1989Edit

6ix by 3hree (video) 1989Edit

Burning the Ground (single) 1989Edit

Decade (compilation album) 1989Edit

Decade (compilation video) 1989Edit

Decadance (promo) 1989Edit

Violence of Summer (Love's Taking Over) (single) 1990Edit

Violence of Summer (Love's Taking Over) (video) 1990Edit

Liberty (album) 1990Edit

Liberty (album box sets) 1990Edit

Liberty (album advance promos) 1990Edit

Serious (single) 1990Edit

12" Collection (compilation album) 1991Edit

Ordinary World (single) 1993Edit

Ordinary World (video) 1993Edit

Here Comes The Band (promo) 1993Edit

Duran Duran (The Wedding Album) 1993Edit

Album Highlights (promo) 1993Edit

Duran Duran (promo videos) 1993Edit

Come Undone (single) 1993Edit

Too Much Information (single) 1993Edit

Too Much Information (video) 1993Edit

No Ordinary EP (promo) 1993Edit

Duran Duran En Alfa 91.3 (promo) 1993Edit

Drowning Man (single) 1993Edit

None of the Above (single) 1993Edit

Breath After Breath (single) 1993Edit

Breath After Breath (video) 1993Edit

The Tour Sampler (promo compilation album) 1993Edit

3 CD (box set) 1993Edit

Extraordinary World (video) 1994Edit

Femme Fatale (single) 1994Edit

Music's Wild Boys (video) 1994Edit

Acoplado Duran Duran (video) 1990sEdit

Duran Duran Covers (promo) 1995Edit

Perfect Day (single) 1995Edit

Perfect Day (video) 1995Edit

Thank You (album) 1995Edit

Thank You (promo videos) 1995Edit

White Lines (single) 1995Edit

White Lines (video) 1995Edit

Lay Lady Lay (single) 1995Edit

En Primeur Ici (promo album) 1995Edit

Electric Barbarella Sampler (promo compilation album) 1997Edit

Medazzaland (album) 1997Edit

You Are Now Entering Medazzaland (promo) 1997Edit

Medazzaland (promo videos) 1997Edit

15 Videos Tied (promo) 1997Edit

Out of My Mind (single) 1997Edit

Electric Barbarella (single) 1997-99Edit

Electric Barbarella (video) 1997Edit

Duran Duran Sampler (promo album) 1997Edit

Greatest (compilation album) 1998Edit

Greatest (compilation video) 1998Edit

The Reflex 98 (promo) 1998Edit

Wild Boys 98 (promo) 1998Edit

Remixes Part One (promo) 1998Edit

Remixes Part Two (promo) 1998Edit

Greatest Interview (promo) 1998Edit

Rio Recall 22 Mixes (promo) 1998Edit

Essential [Night Versions] (compilation album) 1998Edit

Strange Behaviour (promo) 1999Edit

Strange Behaviour (compilation album) 1999Edit

Original Gold (box set) 1999Edit

The Collection (compilation album) 1999Edit

Girls On Film "The Collection" (compilation album) 2000Edit

The Essential Collection (compilation album) 2000Edit

Best of the 80's (compilation album) 2000Edit

3 X CD (box set) 2000Edit

Pop Trash (album) 2000Edit

Pop Trash: Interview CD (promo) 2000Edit

EPK (promo) 2000Edit

Someone Else Not Me (single) 2000Edit

Someone Else Not Me (video) 2000Edit

Playing With Uranium (single) 2000Edit

Last Day on Earth (single) 2001Edit

The Sun Doesn't Shine Forever (promo) 2001Edit

The Singles 81-85 (box set) 2003Edit

The Singles 1986-1995 (box set) 2004Edit

Encore Series (official live bootlegs) 2003Edit

(Reach Up for The) Sunrise (single) 2004Edit

(Reach Up for The) Sunrise (video) 2004Edit

Astronaut Album Sampler (promo) 2004Edit

Astronaut (album) 2004Edit

EPK (promo) 2004Edit

Want You More! (promo) 2004Edit

What Happens Tomorrow (single) 2005Edit

What Happens Tomorrow (video) 2005Edit

Live from London (video) 2005Edit

Nice (single) 2005-06Edit

10 Track Collectors' Edition CD (Promo) 2006Edit

Notorious / Big Thing (box set) 2007Edit

Falling Down (single) 2007Edit

Duran Duran (promo) 2007Edit

Red Carpet Massacre (album) 2007Edit

Red Carpet Massacre EPK (promo video) 2007Edit

Nite-Runner (Live) (single) 2008Edit

Red Carpet Massacre (Live) (single) 2008Edit

Skin Divers (promo) 2008Edit

DD / Rio / Seven and the Ragged Tiger (box set) 2008Edit

Rio (box set) 2008Edit

Rio: Classic Albums (video) 2008Edit

Hammersmith '82! Live (video) 2009Edit

BBC In Concert: 4th November 1982 (live album) 2009Edit

DL - UK: No cat.#

BBC In Concert: Live at Manchester Apollo (live album) 2010Edit

DL - UK: No cat.#

BBC In Concert: 17th December 1981 (live album) 2010Edit

DL - UK: No cat.#

As The Lights Go Down (live album) 2010Edit

The Dub Mix EP (EP) 2010Edit

Remix EP (EP) 2010Edit

Boys Keep Swinging / Absolute Beginners (single) 2010Edit

All You Need Is Now (single) 2010Edit

From Mediterranea With Love (EP) 2010Edit

Gli Album Mito (album collection) 2011Edit

10 Great Songs (compilation album) 2011Edit

The Music of Duran Duran (compilation album) 2011Edit

All You Need Is Now (album) 2011Edit

Girl Panic! (single) 2011Edit

Leave A Light On (single) 2011Edit

Other People's Lives (Night Version) (single) 2011Edit

Other People's Lives (EP) 2011Edit

Live! - Rome: 12th May 2011 (live album) 2011Edit

DL - Europe + USA: No cat.#, official free download

Steve Aoki vs Duran Duran (promo) 2012Edit

The Man Who Stole A Leopard (single) 2012Edit

One Night Only (video) 2012Edit

A Diamond in the Mind (live album + video) 2012Edit

Sight Sound (compilation album) 2012Edit

The Biggest and the Best (compilation album) 2012Edit

Best Of (compilation album) 2012Edit

Best Bands from Great Britain (compilation album) 2012Edit

The Reflex from Hyde Park Audio (single) 2013Edit

The Reflex from Hyde Park Video (video) 2013Edit

Unstaged (live video) 2014Edit

Pressure Off (single) 2015Edit

Paper Gods (album) 2015Edit

What are the Chances? (single) 2015Edit

Last Night in the City (single) 2016Edit

Some Like It Hot (single by The Power Station) 1985Edit

The Power Station (album by The Power Station) 1985Edit

Get It On (single by The Power Station) 1985Edit

Communication (single by The Power Station) 1985Edit

Murderess (promo by The Power Station) 1985Edit

Harvest for the World (single by The Power Station) 1985Edit

The Power Station Video EP (video) 1986Edit

She Can Rock It (single by The Power Station) 1996Edit

Living In Fear (album by The Power Station) 1996Edit

Scared (promo by The Power Station) 1996Edit

Taxman (promo by The Power Station) 1996Edit

The Best of The Power Station (compilation album) 2003Edit

Election Day (single by Arcadia) 1985Edit

So Red the Rose (album by Arcadia) 1985Edit

El Diablo (single by Arcadia) 1985Edit

Keep Me in the Dark (single by Arcadia) 1985Edit

Goodbye Is Forever (single by Arcadia) 1986Edit

The Promise (single by Arcadia) 1986Edit

The Flame (single by Arcadia) 1986Edit

Say the Word (single by Arcadia) 1986Edit

I Do What I Do (single by John Taylor) 1986Edit

Feelings Are Good and Other Lies (album by JT) 1996-01Edit

Feelings Are Good (single by John Taylor) 1997Edit

Down Again (single by John Taylor) 1997Edit

5.30.98 (EP by John Taylor Terroristen) 1998Edit

John Taylor (album by John Taylor) 1999Edit

Resumé (album by John Taylor & Jonathan Elias) 1999Edit

Meltdown (album by John Taylor) 1999Edit

Live Cuts (album by John Taylor) 2000Edit

Run Together (promo by John Taylor) 2000Edit

Techno For Two (album by John Taylor) 2001Edit

Retreat Into Art (album by John Taylor) 2001Edit

6000 Miles (promo by John Taylor) 2001Edit

MetaFour (album by John Taylor) 2002Edit

Sampler (compilation album by John Taylor) 2002Edit

Take It Easy (single by Andy Taylor) 1986Edit

When the Rain Comes Down (single by Andy Taylor) 1986Edit

Don't Let Me Die Young (single by Andy Taylor) 1987Edit

Andy Taylor (promo) 1987Edit

AOR Sampler (promo) 1987Edit

Thunder (album by Andy Taylor) 1987Edit

Life Goes On (single by Andy Taylor) 1987Edit

I Might Lie (single by Andy Taylor) 1987Edit

Dead on the Money (B-side / promo by Andy Taylor) 1988Edit

Dangerous (album by Andy Taylor) 1990Edit

Lola (single by Andy Taylor) 1990Edit

Stone Cold Sober (single by Andy Taylor) 1990Edit

Drum (video feat. Simon Le Bon) 1988Edit

Grey Lady of the Sea (single by Simon Le Bon) 1988Edit

Requiem For The Americas (album feat. members of DD) 1989Edit

Follow In My Footsteps (single by Simon Le Bon) 1989Edit

Neurotic Outsiders (album by Neurotic Outsiders) 1996Edit

Jerk (single by Neurotic Outsiders) 1996Edit

Angelina (single by Neurotic Outsiders) 1996Edit

Oxygen (single by Freebass) 1997Edit

Lost This Feeling (single by Funkface) 2001Edit

Shine (single by Funkface) 2002Edit

Dark Circles (promo single by The Devils) 2002Edit

Dark Circles (album by The Devils) 2002-04Edit

Bored with Prozac and The Internet? (TV Mania album) 2013Edit

Bored with Prozac and The Internet? (TV Mania EP) 2013Edit

Radio Show AlbumsEdit

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