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The Duran Duran Wiki is a place for fans to share what they know and love, to work together to collect everything that is known about Duran Duran. Given time, we can document every concert, every album, every song, every bootleg, every book, and every important person who has ever worked with the band!

There is a lot of information scattered on various Duran Duran websites, many of which have become neglected by their owners over time; together, we can gather this information into a living document that all of us can help to maintain. Please help to contribute what you know, and make information and music easier for fans to find!

Know of a Duran Duran fansite or community? Add a link to our list of websites. Have live photos, band pics? Upload them and share them here with other fans (remember to select copyright details).
Read about song lyrics, album credits, music videos and 2012 events. See fan's artwork, concert ticket stubs, rare posters, album covers, books and magazines. Pages on Andrew Day, Lamya, Dominic Brown, Patty Palazzo, Nick Egan, Ellen von Unwerth, John Swannell, Katy Krassner, Ian Little, Yasmin Le Bon, Malcolm Garrett, B.J. Nelson, Raphael Dejesus, Frank Olinsky, Anna Ross, Simon Willescroft and Stephanie Pistel.

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  • TheBlueRogue

    Hello Duran Duran fans! To celebrate the release of Paper Gods, we wanted to bring you some Musical Madness! You have until October 11th to vote for your Duran Duran favorites! Thank you to Duran Duran…

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  • Dai Tay

    In presenting the 2012 Olympic Games were great. When Duran Duran was in Hyde Park was incredible, with these lights so bright, plus the sound was sensational. In the song "Save A Prayer", Simon play…

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