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[1979-04-05] Birmingham (UK), Polytechnic Lecture Theatre
[1979-05-08] Birmingham (UK), Cannon Hill Arts Centre
[1979-05-10] Birmingham (UK), Birmingham University
[1979-05-29] Birmingham (UK), Hexagon Theatre Arts Centre
[1979-06-01] Birmingham (UK), Barbarella's
[1979-10-11] Birmingham (UK), Golden Eagle
[1979-11-14] Birmingham (UK), Birmingham University
[1979-11-15] Birmingham (UK), Birmingham University
[1979-11-25] Birmingham (UK), Red Star Club
[1979-12-08] Bewdley (UK), Bewdley Caravan Park
[1980-02-01] Birmingham (UK), Aston University
[1980-02-18] London (UK), Nashville
[1980-03-12] Birmingham (UK), Rum Runner
[1980-03-25] Birmingham (UK), Holy City Zoo
[1980-07-05] Edinburgh (UK), Edingburgh Festival (John Taylor reported in Duran Duran: Their Story that the band didn't appear at this date).
[1980-07-16] Birmingham (UK), Rum Runner
[1980-07-19] Birmingham (UK), Cedar Ballroom
[1980-07-22] Birmingham (UK), Holy City Zoo
[1980-08-06] Birmingham (UK), Rum Runner
[1980-09-16] Birmingham (UK), Hosteria One
[1980-10-03] Birmingham (UK), Aston University
[1980-10-04] Birmingham (UK), Cedar Ballroom
[1980-10-09] London (UK), Lyceum Auditorium
[1980-10-22] Birmingham (UK), Holy City Zoo
[1980-10-24] Birmingham (UK), Cedar Ballroom
[1980-11-09] London (UK), Marquee Club
[1980-11-14] Belfast (UK), Ulster Hall
[1980-11-16] Dublin (Ireland), Grand Cinema
[1980-11-18] Cardiff (UK), Top Rank
[1980-11-19] Manchester (UK), Apollo
[1980-11-21] Sheffield (UK), Sheffield University
[1980-11-22] London (UK), Lancaster University
[1980-11-23] Bristol (UK), Colston Hall
[1980-11-26] Brighton (UK), Top Rank
[1980-11-27] Birmingham (UK), Odeon
[1980-11-28] Liverpool (UK), Liverpool University
[1980-11-29] Edinburgh (UK), Odeon
[1980-12-01] Newcastle (UK), City Hall
[1980-12-02] Leicester (UK); De Montfort Hall
[1980-12-03] Leeds (UK), Leeds University
[1980-12-04] Norwich (UK), University Of East Anglia
[1980-12-08] London (UK), Marquee Club
[1980-12-12] London (UK), The Venue
[1980-12-14] London (UK), Bow Wow Wow Party
[1981-01-04] London (UK), Lyceum
[1981-02-27] Birmingham (UK), Aston University
[1981-03-02] Liverpool (UK), Brady's Club -> cancelled
[1981-03-03] Manchester (UK), Manchester's Polytechnic
[1981-03-04] London (UK), Sundown Club
[1981-03-05] Nottingham (UK), Rock City
[1981-03-06] Cardiff (UK), Top Rank
[1981-03-07] Leicester (UK), Leicester Polytechnic
[1981-03-08] Sheffield (UK), Top Rank
[1981-06-29] Brighton (UK), Brighton Dome
[1981-06-30] Southampton (UK), Gaumont
[1981-07-01] Leicester (UK), De Montfort Hall
[1981-07-03] Manchester (UK), Apollo
[1981-07-04] Newcastle (UK), City Hall
[1981-07-05] Glasgow (UK), Tiffany's
[1981-07-06] Edinburgh (UK), Odeon
[1981-07-08] Liverpool (UK), The Royal Court Theatre
[1981-07-09] London (UK), Hammersmith Odeon
[1981-07-10] Oxford (UK), New Theatre
[1981-07-11] Birmingham (UK), Odeon
[1981-09-07] Brussels (Belgium), Ancienne Belgique
[1981-09-08] Paris (France) Capitaine Video
[1981-09-09] Harelbeke (Belgium), Ontmoetingscentrum
[1981-09-12] Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Paradisco Club
[1981-09-16] Long Island NY (USA), Spit
[1981-09-17] Boston MA (USA), The Channel
[1981-09-18] New York NY (USA), Peppermint Lounge
[1981-09-22] Washingston DC (USA), Bayou Club
[1981-09-23] Philadelphia PA (USA), Eastside Club
[1981-09-25] Montreal QC (Canada), Le Club
[1981-09-26] Toronto ON (Canada), La Mocombo
[1981-09-27] Detroit MI (USA), Saint Andrews
[1981-09-29] Minneapolis MN (USA), First Avenue
[1981-09-30] Chicago IL (USA), Parkwest
[1981-10-02] Los Angeles CA (USA), The Roxy
[1981-10-03] Los Angeles CA (USA), The Roxy
[1981-10-05] San Francisco CA (USA), I-Beam
[1981-10-08] Cleveland OH (USA), Pirate's Cove
[1981-10-09] Mount Vernom NY (USA), Left Bank
[1981-10-10] New York NY (USA), Underground Club @ The Savoy Hotel
[1981-10-30] Wiesbaden (Germany), Die Wartburg
[1981-10-31] Hamburg (Germany), Markthalle
[1981-11-01] Hannover (Germany), Ballroom Blitz
[1981-11-02] Berlin (Germany), Kant-Kino
[1981-11-04] Münster (Germany), Jovel
[1981-11-06] Stockholm (Sweden), Ritz
[1981-11-09] Stockholm (Sweden), Mandagsborsen
[1981-11-12] Leicester (UK), De Montfort Hall
[1981-11-29] Southampton (UK), Gaumont
[1981-11-30] Chichester (UK), Chichester Festival Theatre
[1981-12-03] Birmingham (UK), Rum Runner
[1981-12-07] Canterbury (UK), Kent University Sports Hall
[1981-12-08] Norwich (UK), University Of East Anglia
[1981-12-10] Sheffield (UK), City Hall
[1981-12-11] Manchester (UK), Apollo
[1981-12-12] Leicester (UK), De Montfort Hall
[1981-12-13] Cardiff (UK), Sophia Gardens
[1981-12-15] Poole (UK), Arts Centre
[1981-12-16] London (UK), Hammersmith Odeon
[1981-12-17] London (UK), Hammersmith Odeon
[1981-12-19] Edinburgh (UK), Playhouse
[1981-12-20] Liverpool (UK), Empire Theatre
[1981-12-21] Birmingham (UK), Odeon
[1981-12-22] Birmingham (UK), Odeon
[1981-12-23] Birmingham (UK), Odeon
[1982-04-15] Adelaide (Australia), Barton Town Hall
[1982-04-17] Melbourne (Australia),Palais Theatre
[1982-04-18] Melbourne (Australia), Palais Theatre
[1982-04-20] Brisbane (Australia), Festival Hall
[1982-04-21] Sydney (Australia), Hordern Pavillion
[1982-04-22] Sydney (Australia), Hordern Pavillion
[1982-04-25] Tokyo (Japan), Nihon Seinenkan Hall
[1982-04-26] Osaka (Japan), Banpaku
[1982-04-27] Nagoya (Japan), Kinro Kaikan
[1982-04-28] Tokyo (Japan), Sun Plaza
[1982-05-01] Tokyo (Japan), Shibuya Kokaido
[1982-06-23] Cedar Grove NJ (USA), Meadowbrook
[1982-06-24] Washington DC (USA), Ontario Theatre
[1982-06-25] New York NY(USA), Pier 42
[1982-06-26] Philadelphia PA (USA), Mann Music Center
[1982-06-29] Long Island NY (USA), North Stage Theater
[1982-07-01] New York NY (USA), Chance
[1982-07-02] New York NY (USA), Peppermint Lounge
[1982-07-03] Boston MA (USA), Paradise
[1982-07-05] Montreal QC (Canada), Le Club
[1982-07-06] Toronto ON (Canada), Concert Hall
[1982-07-08] Pittsburg PA (USA), Heaven
[1982-07-09] Detroit MI (USA), Clutch Cargo
[1982-07-10] Chicago IL (USA), Parkwest
[1982-07-11] Milwaukee WI (USA), Palms
[1982-07-14] Minneapolis MN (USA), 1st Avenue
[1982-07-16] Winnipeg MB (Canada), Playhouse
[1982-07-18] Edmonton AB (Canada), Dinwoodie Lounge
[1982-07-19] Calgary AB (Canada), McEwan Hall Ballroom
[1982-07-21] Vancouver BC (Canada), Commodore Ballroom
[1982-07-23] Seattle WA (USA), Showbox Theater
[1982-07-25] San Francisco CA (USA), Kabuki Theater
[1982-07-27] Los Angeles CA (USA), Greek Theater
[1982-08-02] Kansas City KS (USA), Starlight Amphitheater
[1982-08-04] Rockford IL (USA), Metro Center
[1982-08-05] Cedar Rapids IA (USA), Five Seasons
[1982-08-07] Minneapolis MN (USA), Parade Stadium
[1982-08-08] Chicago IL (USA), Popular Creek
[1982-08-09] Detroit MI (USA), Pine Knob
[1982-08-10] Cleveland OH (USA), Agora
[1982-08-12] Providence RI (USA), Civic Center
[1982-08-14] East Rutherford NJ (USA), Meadowlands
[1982-08-16] Washington DC (USA), Merriweather Post Pavillion
[1982-08-18] Toronto ON (Canada), National Exhibition Grandstand
[1982-08-21] Philadelphia PA (USA), JFK Stadium
[1982-09-23] Stockholm (Sweden), Draken Theatre
[1982-09-24] Stockholm (Sweden), Draken Theatre
[1982-09-25] Oslo (Norway), Drammenshallen
[1982-09-27] Turku (Finland), Turku Concert House
[1982-09-28] Helsinki (Finland), Kulttwritalo
[1982-09-30] Copenhagen (Denmark), Falkoner Theatre
[1982-10-02] Hannover (Germany), Rotation
[1982-10-03] Bochum (Germany), Zeche
[1982-10-04] Hamburg (Germany), Trinity
[1982-10-05] Berlin (Germany), Sektor
[1982-10-06] Stuttgart (Germany, Oz
[1982-10-07] Munich (Germany), Alabamahalle *cancelled*
[1982-10-08] Bonn (Germany), Rheinterassen *cancelled*
[1982-10-10] Darmstadt (Germany), Lopos Werkstatt *cancelled*
[1982-10-12] Utrecht (The Netherlands), Music Center
[1982-10-13] Deinze (Belgium), Brielpoort
[1982-10-14] Paris (France), La Palace
[1982-10-17] Porto (Portugal), Pavilhão Inf. Sagres
[1982-10-18] Lisbon (Portugal), Cascais Pavillion
[1982-10-20] Oporto (Portugal), Infante de Sagres Pavillion
[1982-10-30] Dundee (UK), Caird Hall
[1982-10-31] Glasgow (UK), Apollo
[1982-11-01] Edinburgh (UK), Playhouse
[1982-11-03] London (UK), Hammersmith Odeon
[1982-11-04] London (UK), Hammersmith Odeon
[1982-11-05] Manchester (UK), Apollo
[1982-11-06] Manchester (UK), Apollo
[1982-11-08] Leicester (UK) De Monfort Hall
[1982-11-09] Liverpool (UK), Empire Theatre
[1982-11-10] Liverpool (UK), Empire Theatre
[1982-11-11] Newcastle (UK), City Hall
[1982-11-12] Newcastle (UK), City Hall
[1982-11-14] London (UK), Hammersmith Odeon
[1982-11-15] London (UK), Hammersmith Odeon
[1982-11-16] London (UK), Hammersmith Odeon
[1982-11-18] Shepton Mallet (UK), Showering Pavillion
[1982-11-19] Brighton (UK), Brighton Centre
[1982-11-20] Southampton (UK), Gaumont
[1982-11-21] Southampton (UK), Gaumont
[1982-11-22] St. Austell (UK), Cornwall Coliseum
[1982-11-24] Glouster (UK), Leisure Centre
[1982-11-25] Birmingham (UK), Odeon
[1982-11-26] Birmingham (UK), Odeon
[1982-11-27] Birmingham (UK), Odeon
[1982-11-30] Birmingham (UK), Odeon
[1982-12-01] Birmingham (UK), Odeon
[1982-12-31] New York NY (USA), The Palladium
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