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With Compliments
With compliments 1
EP by Duran Duran
Countries Netherlands Netherlands flag
Portugal Large flag of portugal
Catalogue no. PROMO 1
Label EMI Records Holland B.V. (Netherlands)
EMI-Valentim De Carvalho, Lda (Portugal)
Format 12" vinyl (45 RPM)
Length 3 tracks
Released 1981
Genre Pop
Producer Colin Thurston
reverse cover
With compliments12promo02
Duran Duran

With Compliments is a promotional-only Duran Duran 12" vinyl EP, released only in the Netherlands and Portugal by EMI Records Holland B.V. / EMI-Valentim De Carvalho, Lda during 1981.

About the EP Edit

This is sampler record, featuring two songs from Duran Duran's debut album Duran Duran. On the A-side is the extended "Planet Earth" Night Version, a track released in various countries as a 12" single during 1981.

The B-side features album version of "Careless Memories and "Planet Earth". All three tracks were produced by Colin Thurston, who also produced Duran Duran's second album Rio.

Designed by Assorted iMaGes, the sleeve features Duran Duran photography by Fin Costello.

Track listing Edit

EMI Music/ The Netherlands PROMO 1 (The Netherlands)Edit

EMI/Valentim De Carvalho PROMO1 (Portugal)Edit

Side AEdit

  1. "Planet Earth" - Night Version (6:20)

Side BEdit

  1. "Careless Memories" (3:53)
  2. "Planet Earth" (3:59)


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