The Thank You Tour
Thank You Tour
tour programme
Year(s) 1995


Duran Duran

Tour dates:

  • [1995-03-10] Las Vegas NV (USA), Hard Rock Hotel
  • [1995-04-09] New York (USA), The Fashion Cafe
  • [1995-04-13] Los Angeles CA (USA), House Of Blues
  • [1995-05-24] Clarkston (Detroit) MI (USA), Pine Knob *WHYT Planet Fest*
  • [1995-05-27] Tinley Park (Chicago) IL (USA), World Music Theatre*Q101 Jamboree
  • [1995-05-28] Fort Worth TX (USA), Sundance Square
  • [1995-05-28] Houston TX (USA), The Woodlands Pavillion *KRBE Audio BBQ*
  • [1995-05-29] Milwaukkee WI (USA), Marcus Amphtheatre *WLUM New Rock 102 Fest*
  • [1995-06-02] Philadelhia PA (USA), Mann Music Center
  • [1995-06-03] Mansfield MA (USA), Great Woods Performing Arts Center
  • [1995-06-04] Cincinnati OH (USA), P&G Pavilion
  • [1995-06-07] Dallas TX (USA), Starplex Amphitheatre
  • [1995-06-09] Mountain View CA (USA), Shoreline Amphitheater
  • [1995-06-10] San Diego CA (USA), San Diego State University
  • [1995-06-24] Irvince CA (USA), Irvine Meadows Amphitheater

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