The Faster Than Light Tour
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Background information
Year(s) 1981
Duran Duran

Tour dates:

  • [1981-06-29] Brighton (UK), Brighton Dome
  • [1981-06-30] Southampton (UK), Gaumont
  • [1981-07-01] Leicester (UK), De Montfort Hall
  • [1981-07-03] Manchester (UK), Apollo
  • [1981-07-04] Newcastle (UK), City Hall
  • [1981-07-05] Glasgow (UK), Tiffany's
  • [1981-07-06] Edinburgh (UK), Odeon
  • [1981-07-08] Liverpool (UK), The Royal Court Theatre
  • [1981-07-09] London (UK), Hammersmith Odeon
  • [1981-07-10] Oxford (UK), New Theatre
  • [1981-07-11] Birmingham (UK), Odeon
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