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First American Tour
Usa duran
tour poster
Year(s) 1981
Duran Duran

Tour dates:

  • [1981-09-16] Long Island NY (USA), Spit
  • [1981-09-17] Boston MA (USA), The Channel
  • [1981-09-18] New York NY (USA), Peppermint Lounge
  • [1981-09-22] Washingston DC (USA), Bayou Club
  • [1981-09-23] Philadelphia PA (USA), Eastside Club
  • [1981-09-25] Montreal QC (Canada), Le Club
  • [1981-09-26] Toronto ON (Canada), La Mocombo
  • [1981-09-27] Detroit MI (USA), Saint Andrews
  • [1981-09-2?] Minneapolis MN (USA), Duffy's
  • [1981-09-29] Minneapolis MN (USA), First Avenue
  • [1981-09-30] Chicago IL (USA), Parkwest
  • [1981-10-02] Los Angeles CA (USA), The Roxy
  • [1981-10-03] Los Angeles CA (USA), The Roxy
  • [1981-10-05] San Francisco CA (USA), I-Beam
  • [1981-10-08] Cleveland OH (USA), Pirate's Cove
  • [1981-10-09] Mount Vernom NY (USA), Left Bank
  • [1981-10-10] New York NY (USA), Underground Club @ The Savoy Hotel
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