Deejay Time
Deejay time duran duran
mixed compilation album
Country Italy Italy-Flag 0
Catalogue no. 64 2600251
Label EMI
Format 12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
Length 16 tracks
Released 1984
Genre Pop, Electronic, Disco
Producer Joe T. Vannelli (mix)
reverse cover
Deejay time duran duran 1
featuring Duran Duran

Deejay Time is a mixed compilation album featuring Duran Duran, released by EMI in Italy during 1984.

About the albumEdit

The album is a DJ mix featuring songs by various artists, created by Italian record producer and remixer Joe T. Vannelli.

The compilation includes Duran Duran's first UK no.1 single "Is There Something I Should Know?", released in 1983. Also featured are three bands that were produced by Colin Thurston in the early 1980s, who are Talk Talk, Kajagoogoo and Duran Duran (Nick Rhodes also co-produced Kajagoogoo).

Track listingEdit

64 2600251Edit

Side AEdit

  1. "The Politics of Dancing" - Re-Flex
  2. "Break The Chains" - Private Lives
  3. "My Foolish Friend" - Talk Talk
  4. "Is It Love" - Gang of Four
  5. "Big Apple" - Kajagoogoo
  6. "For You" - The Farmer's Boys
  7. "Turkish Delight" - China Doll
  8. "Jenny" - Bank Robbers

Side BEdit

  1. "Dancing In The Dark" - Kim Wilde
  2. "It Ain't Me Girl" - Hot Club
  3. "Love Tumbles Down" - Zu Zu Sharks
  4. "Is There Something I Should Know?" - Duran Duran
  5. "Never Never Comes" - Classix Nouveaux
  6. "Voices In My Head" - Naked Eyes
  7. "Remember My Name" - Soho
  8. "Only For Love" - Limahl

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