Danceteria: New Wave
Duran duran Various - Danceteria New Wave
compilation album
Country Brazil Brazil
Catalogue no. 31C 064 260331
Label EMI Odeon (Brazil)
Format 12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
Length 10 tracks
Released 1984
Genre Pop, Electronic
Producer various
featuring Duran Duran

Danceteria: New Wave is a 12" vinyl compilation album featuring Duran Duran, released in Brazil by EMI Odeon during 1984.

About the albumEdit

The album is a collection of songs by various artists. The compilation includes "The Reflex", Duran Duran's most successful single.

The Motels are also featured, a band who supported Duran Duran at the Great America show in Santa Clara, USA on 3 September 2000.

Track listingEdit

31C 064 260331Edit

Side AEdit

  1. "It's My Life" - Talk Talk
  2. "Right Now" - Missing Persons
  3. "Sunglasses At Night" - Corey Hart
  4. "Where Do We Go From Here" - The Motels
  5. "Call Me Up" - Gang For 4

Side BEdit

  1. "The Reflex" - Duran Duran
  2. "Turning Japanese" - The Vapors
  3. "Hitline" - Re-Flex
  4. "Guilty" - Classix Nouveaux
  5. "Europa And The Pirate Twins" - Thomas Dolby

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