Dance For Freedom
John Taylor Resume
Released 1999
Recorded 1985-86
Genre Pop
Length 5:21
Label Trust The Process
Producer(s) John Taylor
Jonathan Elias
John Taylor

"Dance For Freedom" is an instrumental by John Taylor and Jonathan Elias, released on the Resumé album by Trust The Process in 1999.

About the instrumentalEdit

Written and produced by John Taylor and Jonathan Elias, the instrumental was originally recorded during the 9½ Weeks movie soundtrack sessions. These were held between 1985 and 1986, at 6 West 20th Street in New York, USA.

"Dance For Freedom" wasn't included on the final soundtrack, but later released on the Resumé album in 1999, which includes other unreleased tracks made for the film.

The track is a mid-tempo pop instrumental featuring synthesizers and piano.

Other appearancesEdit


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