DMC duran duran
Disco Mix Club
(DMC) is a DJ remix service founded by Tony Prince.

About the DJ remix serviceEdit

The DJ remix service began as a radio show (Disco Mix Club Show) in 1981, on Radio Luxembourg in the UK. Prince helped popularise a new style of DJ mixes using the turntable as an instrument. DMC started operating as a remix service in 1983, producing remix cassettes in February of that year and vinyls in July 1984. As early as 1989 they began producing compilation CDs, and later began issuing remixes exclusively on CD. In 1986, DMC started the annual DMC World DJ Championships through the Mixmag magazine.

Remixes of Duran Duran include the "Save A Prayer: DMC Strictly DJ Only" record, and the "DMC Megamix" released on the unofficial album Megamixes: Vol. 2 in 2001.

A selection of DMC releasesEdit


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