Cover Me
Cover me duran duran
compilation album
Released 2003
Recorded various
Genre Pop, Dance
Length 35 tracks
Label unofficial
Producer various
cover songs

Cover Me is an unofficial Duran Duran 35-track 2 CD compilation album, released in 2003.

About the albumEdit

The album is a collection of Duran Duran songs covered by various artists, which includes the "Notorious B.I.G." single from the documentary film Biggie & Tupac. The compilation also includes Naimee Coleman's acoustic version of "Ordinary World" from her "My Star" single, a song she earlier covered with Aurora's version. The recording of "A View To A Kill" by Lostprophets is by a Welsh rock band that took their name from the Lost Prophets album.

The front cover photography is by Gered Mankowitz, taken from the "Girls on Film" single sleeve.

Track listingEdit

CD 1Edit

  1. "A View To A Kill" - The Brown Derbies
  2. "Hungry Like The Wolf" - Gang of Six
  3. "Come Undone" - Shanghai Crew
  4. "Hungry Like The Wolf" - Rockapella
  5. "Ordinary World" - Naimee Coleman (acoustic version released on "My Star")
  6. "Save A Prayer" - Moon Theory
  7. "The Chauffeur" - Swedish Masturbation Unit
  8. "My Antarctica" - Mind Veneration
  9. "Ordinary World" - Tess
  10. "Save A Prayer" - Unfaith
  11. "Ordinary World" (Tarantella) - Schiller
  12. "Planet Earth" - Spock
  13. "The Wild Boys" - Touch Down: Wild Boys
  14. "Save A Prayer" - Interface
  15. "Ordinary World" (2001 DJ Mystik Trance Remix) - ?
  16. "Is There Something I Should Know? (Almighty mix) - Allstars

CD 2

  1. "Ordinary World" - Gregorian
  2. "Save A Prayer" - Gregorian
  3. "Save A Prayer" (Radio edit) - 56K feat. Bejay
  4. "Save A Prayer" (LMC mix) - 56K feat. Bejay
  5. "Secret Oktober" - ?
  6. "Come Undone" - Twistedpoets
  7. "Hungry Like The Wolf" - Nick Saunders
  8. "Hungry Like The Wolf" (MTV Unplugged) - Hole
  9. "Notorious" - The Notorious B.I.G.
  10. Planet Earth" - Nathan Stack
  11. "A View To A Kill" - Lostprophets
  12. "Rio" - Chief O'Hara
  13. "A View To A Kill" - Shirley Bassey
  14. "Save A Prayer" - Oliver Haze
  15. "Rio" - Bodyjar
  16. "Careless Memories" - Area 7
  17. "Rio" - The Floyds
  18. "Rio" (Remix Nuno 45) - Chief O'Hara
  19. "Winter Marches On" - Climax Clown

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