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"Burning The Ground"
by Duran Duran

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Song details
Duran Duran-Decade–Greatest Hits from the album
Decade: Greatest Hits
Length: 4:00
Writer(s): Duran Duran
Producer(s): John Jones
Duranduran burningtheground |
Single details
UK release: December 1989
Label: EMI
Format(s): 7", 12", CD5
B-side(s): "Decadance"
Peak chart positions:
#31  UK Singles Chart

Duran Duran singles chronology
"Do You Believe In Shame?"
"Burning The Ground" "Violence Of Summer"

"Burning The Ground" is the 20th single by Duran Duran, released in December of 1989. The song is a clever megamix of Duran Duran's history, featuring tidbits of all of the band's hits of the previous ten years. It was a released to promote the compilation album Decade: Greatest Hits, although it was not included on the album itself.

About the songEdit

Instrumental elements of "Save A Prayer", "Hungry Like the Wolf" and "The Reflex" form the core of the first part of the song, while the "chorus" is built up of alternating chants of "Girls" (from "Girls on Film") and "Boys!" (from "The Wild Boys"). The nonsense syllables from several songs, such as the "noh-noh" bits from "Notorious", the "bop bop bop" from "Planet Earth" and the "tana nana" from "The Reflex" were also incorporated. Elements from "A View To A Kill", "Notorious", "I Don't Want Your Love" and later singles are gradually woven into the mix.

The song also used several sound samples from the film Barbarella, from which the band took their name: "Barbarella?" "Mr.President!" "Your Mission, Barbarella...find Duran Duran!"

The remix was created by producer John Jones, with assistance from engineer Chris Potter in an upstairs room at Olympic Studios in Barnes while Duran Duran was downstairs recording new material for the Liberty album to be released in the next year.[1]

The sleeve artwork was created by Abrahams Pants, based on the original design for the Decade album created by Stephen Sprouse.

Music videoEdit

The video for "Burning The Ground", like the song, used snippets of many of Duran Duran's previous work. The video also used footage of burning South American rainforests, as well as the NASA space shuttle. It was directed by Adrian Martin.[2]

B-sides, bonus tracks and remixesEdit

The b-side was another megamix, this one more instrumental in nature, called "Decadance"

The song uses the "why" bits of "The Reflex", the "no, no" from "Notorious", "wild" from "The Wild Boys", the chorus from "All She Wants Is", the solo from "Save a Prayer" mixed with "Rio", and a little bit of "Skin Trade", as well as some of the suggestive screams from "Hungry Like the Wolf".

Chart positionsEdit

#31 UK Singles Chart
#7 Italy

Track ListingEdit

7": Parlophone - DD 13 (UK)

  • "Burning the Ground" (4:00)
  • "Decadance" (3:29)

12": Parlophone - 12DD 13 (UK)

  • "Burning the Ground" (4:00)
  • "Decadance" (3:29) [2 Risk E Remix 7"]
  • "Decadance (Extended mix)" (7:57) [2 Risk E Remix 12"]

12": Capitol - V-15546 (US)

  • "Burning the Ground" (4:00)
  • "Decadance" (3:29) [2 Risk E Remix 7"]
  • "Decadance (Extended mix)" (7:57) [2 Risk E Remix 12"]

CD5: Parlophone - CDDD 13 (UK)

  • "Burning the Ground" (4:00)
  • "Decadance" (3:29) [2 Risk E Remix 7"]
  • "Decadance (Extended mix)" (7:57) [2 Risk E Remix 12"]

Other appearancesEdit


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  2. Rolling Stone: Burning the Ground music video (requires RealPlayer)

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