Broken Window
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song by Andy Taylor
Released 1986-1987 (B-Side)
1987 (Album)
Recorded 1986
Genre Rock
Length 4:11 minutes
Label MCA Records
Writer Andy Taylor
Producer(s) Andy Taylor
Steve Jones
Andy Taylor

"Broken Window" is a song by Andy Taylor, released on his debut studio album Thunder by MCA Records in 1987.

The song was also released on various B-sides, including the single "When The Rain Comes Down" in 1986.

About the songEdit

Written by Andy Taylor, the song was recorded at The Plant in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

"Broken Window" is an up-tempo rock song, with strong guitar chords and clear vocals performed by Andy Taylor. The track also features Patrick O'Hearn playing bass guitar.

Other appearancesEdit






Look out of the window
Look straight through the crowd
Bad dreams in the daytime
I felt the fear of a child
On my own cried before
A good thing never lasts too long

Through a broken window
Lies a broken heart
I tried to say I love you
But there's no place to start
Through a broken window
Is a broken dream
I had to find the hard way
That love is not what it seems

Mystery or madness
Surround my time
Tried every sadness
Living on the line
Let me go
You're tearing me apart
A good thing never lasts too long

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