Breath After Breath
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song by Duran Duran
Released 23 February 1993
Recorded 1991-92
Genre Pop
Length 4:58 minutes
Label Capitol, EMI
Writer(s) Duran Duran, Milton Nascimento
Producer(s) Duran Duran
John Jones
Duran Duran

"Breath After Breath" is a song by Duran Duran, released on The Wedding Album by Capitol-EMI on 23 February 1993.

About the songEdit

Written by Duran Duran and Milton Nascimento, the song has a Latin feel, which opens with keyboards and le Bon's ballady lyrics. The track then has a segue into a Spanish-like guitar sound that is eventually followed by some vocals in Portuguese.

Milton Nascimento came to work with Duran Duran through his friendship with Warren Cuccurullo, and eventually performed the song with the band at the Veléz Stadium show during An Acoustic Evening With Duran Duran Tour in 1993. This performance was filmed in prospect to release the track as a single in Brazil.

About the videoEdit

The promotional video for "Breath After Breath" was directed by Keith Ward using live footage from the Veléz Stadium show and further filming mostly shoot at the Iguazu Falls, located between Brazil and Argentina.

Ward remembered: "I got the call to shoot this clip with them in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The guys were the greatest to work with. Simon gave a big bear hug when we first met, and Nick quietly offered introspective conversation between takes. John Taylor was the first to hint at anyone making a movie version of the book Clockers. They were all consummate professionals, as well as perfect characters. In the video, the waterfalls behind Simon are the largest in the world...Iguazu Falls. And yes, that's Milton Nascimento wearing a Miles Davis t-shirt whilst singing in Portugese!". The video also features Mayko Cuccurullo, Warren's adopted son.

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Lyrics Edit

Breath after breath. Ama!
Breath after breath. Dança!

Every day I wake up in this room
and I don't know
Where I come from, where I'm going to
then I hear the voice

Senhora musa da paz
Me abraça, me carrega no teu andor
Dormir no colo da dor
Amiga, Arrasa!

A tua mão desenhou
O sonho na areia
Agora entrega de vez meu rumo 
E vida

From where I stand
The truth isn't black and white
Alone we live and die
We love and fight
Breath after breath we carry this mortal coil
Safe for tomorrow

Do I dare, oh do I dare
follow through the message my whole body hears
Beating on my heart like a feather
beating of a moment 'til I disappear

Diga uma palavra alegre
Manda um recado, que seja agora
Faz o mundo ficar novo
E dançar no colo do tal de amor

From where I stand
The truth isn't black and white
Alone we live and die
We love and fight
Breath after breath we carry this mortal coil

Circles in sand are washed out into the sea
Just as we slip on through to eternity
Breath after breath we carry this mortal coil
Safe for tomorrow

Diga uma palavra, cara
Bem alegre
Corre, manda logo um recado
Me abraça

Faz um clima doce
Me arrepia!
Chega de sufoco!
Me põe louco!

Me faz diamante
Teu amante
Dança ao som do vento
Me ensina

Basta de sufoco
Não faz jogo
(repeat until fade)

A flame of love is burning
The song is of the planets
oh ooooooooo
The dance is to the rhythm of rain
Where everyone is coming from
Is coming to
And birth is just a breath after breath
You are my kind, you are my kind mmm oh oh you are my kind, you are my child

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