Blood on the Red Carpet Live
Blood on the red carpet live duran duran romanduranBlood on the red carpet live duran duran romanduran livefan
unofficial live compilation album
Recorded 2006-09
Released 2011
Design Romanduran
Format 2xCDr
Length 25 tracks
Genre Pop
Producer Duran Duran
Duran Duran

Blood on the Red Carpet Live is an unofficial Duran Duran compilation album containing a collection of live tracks, recorded between 2006 and 2009.

About the albumEdit

The compilation includes recordings from the Cigale Theatre show in 2008. This was the second of two special shows performed by the band in Paris that year, The Louvre Concert was the other. The Cigale Theatre show was a collaboration between Mark Ronson and Duran Duran that featured reworkings of classic songs by the band and tracks from the Red Carpet Massacre album.

The album also includes bonus recordings from Duran Duran's first ever performance in Poland (Służewiec: September 23, 2006), held in front of 120,000 people and televised nationally. The concert was also the first Astronaut Tour date played after Andy Taylor's final live appearance with the band in Monaco on 4 August, before his second departure.

The cover sleeve was designed by Romanduran, which is based on the idea from the Red Carpet Massacre tour programme artwork by Patty Palazzo.

Track listingEdit

Disc 1Edit

Private Sessions Show:
01. "Skin Divers"
02. "Nite-Runner"
03. "Notorious"
04. "Girls on Film"
Jonathan Ross Show:
05. "Falling Down"
Songbook Performance:
06. "Late Bar"
07. "Skin Trade"
08. "Do You Believe in Shame?"
Bonus: Live in Warsaw:
09. "Sound of Thunder" / "Hold Back the Rain"
10. "The Reflex"
11. "Union of the Snake"
12. "Is There Something I Should Know?"
13. "Come Undone"

Disc 2Edit

Songbook Performance:
01. "The Valley"
Lyceum Theatre:
02. "Red Carpet Massacre"
03. "Nite-Runner"
04. "Planet Earth"
05. "Skin Divers"
06. "Falling Down"
07. "The Reflex"
08. "(Reach Up for The) Sunrise"
Cigale Theatre:
09. "Tricked Out"
10. "Rio"
Bonus tracks:
11. "Nite-Runner" (Nite Version)
12. "Nite-Runner" (D.O.T.R. Extended Remix)


Duran Duran are:


Duran Duran are (bonus tracks - Live in Warsaw):