Big Thing - Songbook
Big thing book duran
music book
Published 1989
Genre Sheet music, photos
Length 44-pages
Publisher EMI Music
Duran Duran

Big Thing - Songbook is a Duran Duran 44-page book, published by EMI Music in 1989.

About the book Edit

Featuring artwork by Hans Arnold, the book includes separate lyric and sheet music pages for every song on Duran Duran's Big Thing album.

The pages contain vocal, piano and guitar arrangements, with colour and black & white photos of band members Simon Le Bon, John Taylor and Nick Rhodes.

The book also includes a list of pen pals.

Songs Edit

  1. "Big Thing"
  2. "Lake Shore Driving"
  3. "All She Wants Is"
  4. "Too Late Marlene"
  5. "Drug"
  6. "Do You Believe In Shame?"
  7. "Palomino"
  8. "Land"
  9. "The Edge of America"

Book codes Edit

  • ISBN-10: 0861754468
  • ISBN-13: 978-0861754465

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