Big Thing: TCEMC 790958
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album by Duran Duran
Country Australia Dbi flag australia
Catalogue no. TCEMC 790958
Label EMI
Format Cassette
Length 12 tracks
Released 1988
Genre Pop
Producer(s) Daniel Abraham
Jonathan Elias
Duran Duran

Big Thing - Australia: TCEMC 790958 is a Duran Duran cassette album, released in Australia by EMI during 1988.

Track listingEdit

TCEMC 790958Edit

Side AEdit

  1. "Big Thing"
  2. "I Don't Want Your Love"
  3. "All She Wants Is"
  4. "Too Late Marlene"
  5. "Drug (It's Just a State of Mind)"

Side BEdit

  1. "Do You Believe In Shame?"
  2. "Palomino"
  3. "Interlude One"
  4. "Land"
  5. "Flute Interlude"
  6. "The Edge of America"
  7. "Lake Shore Driving"


Duran Duran are:


Additional information:
01. "Big Thing":

02. "I Don't Want Your Love"

03. "All She Wants Is"

04. "Too Late Marlene"

05. "Drug (It's Just a State of Mind)"

06. "Do You Believe In Shame?"

07. "Palomino"

08. "Land"

09. "The Edge of America"

10. "Lake Shore Driving"

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