Better Way
song by Neurotic Outsiders
Released 1996
Recorded 1996
Genre Rock
Length 4:22
Label Maverick / Warner Brothers Records
Producer Jerry Harrison
Neurotic Outsiders

"Better Way" is a Neurotic Outsiders song, released on the Neurotic Outsiders album by Maverick / Warner Brothers Records in 1996.

About the songEdit

The song was written by Steve Jones and John Taylor, which features Taylor performing vocals. "Better Way" is driven by a strong acoustic guitar melody and also includes a blues guitar solo from Jones.

Other appearancesEdit



Neurotic Outsiders are:


Set up the mission, unfurl the flag
It's time to lay roots down, take my head out of the bag
Make me a baby, take me a wife
With these things, maybe I'll be alright

There's a better way
I know there's a better way
When I need it, and I need it for sure everyday

Fill up the museum, an island in the sun
More things that I don't need just pick me up
Head for the waterfall, don't drown in the juice
Make the right noises maybe I'll be alright

How come it's so hard to climb
And so easy to slide?
How come it's so easy to fly
And so hard to thrive?

There's a better way
There must be a better way
When I need it, and I need it for sure everyday

It's so much harder much harder to try
It's easier to lie, to turn a blind eye

But now
There's a better way, I know that there's a better way
When I need it, and I need it for sure everyday
There's a better way it makes for a better way
When we need it, we need it
We need it for sure, everyday

Unfurl the flag
Got my head out of the bag
I know it makes for a better day

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