Better Off Alive
Better Off Alive
Released 2000
Recorded 3 May 2000
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 25 minutes
Label B5 Records
Producer John Taylor
John Taylor

Better Off Alive is a John Taylor Terroristen 6-track DVD, released by Trust The Process in 2000.

About the DVDEdit

The DVD is a collection of six songs performed by John Taylor Terroristen at The Key Club in Hollywood, CA (USA), on 3 May 2000. Included is a cover version of "Notorious", performed with the Underdogz. Better Off Alive also features a cover the Power Station's 1997 song "Dope", plus interviews with John Taylor.

Track listing Edit

  1. "Meltdown"
  2. "Notorious" (with the Underdogz)
  3. "Run Together"
  4. "Fields of Eden"
  5. "Dope"
  6. Interviews


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