Barbarella duran duran cosmic tribute band wikipedia italia milano
Background information
Origin Milan, Italy Italy-Flag 0
Occupation Tribute band
Genre Pop, Electronic
Years active 2011-present
Associated acts Duran Duran
Barbarella Promo Video

Barbarella Promo Video

tribute band

Barbarella: Duran Duran Cosmic Tribute Band is an Italian group founded in Milan, Italy during 2011.

About the bandEdit

Taking their name from the character played by Jane Fonda in the film Barbarella, this is a project created by the common passion of six musicians as a tribute to the long career of Duran Duran.

Their shows bring on stage the classic hits of the 'fab five' in addition to the existing tracks, with a minimum use of the registered base.


Barbarella are:

  • Enrico
  • Alessandro
  • Vanja
  • Steeve
  • Ros
  • Mara


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